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The Nest Secure starter kit all-in-one alarm system drops to $230 ($170 off)

Nest products are known to be well designed, easy to use, and reliable. What they're not so popular for is their price, which tends to be quite high. When the brand launched its Secure starter kit, it priced is at $400, which was probably a bit too steep. However, its all-in-one alarm system is now available for $230-$250, making it far more affordable than before.

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Make your home safer and get a free Echo Dot with these discounted Ring alarm kits, video doorbells, and camera

Thanks to home automation, your lights and appliances become smarter and can be controlled remotely using your phone or smart speaker. With Ring, you can add a layer of safety to your infrastructure by installing smart alarms, doorbells, and connected cameras to always keep an eye on what's going on at home. As this is the case with most IoT products, price can be a roadblock for many, but thanks to these deals on Ring Home Security products, you can save a few bucks to make your home safer, and get a free third-generation Echo Dot speaker with your purchase, which can also double as a controller for your system.

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Yahoo's new app will wake you up with audio briefings


Google Clock v6.0 brings several visual tweaks and prepares for the Pixel Stand's sunrise effect [APK Teardown]

Some of the updates seeping out from the Pixel 3 have been pretty innocuous while others are quite significant. The Clock update leans toward the innocuous side as it brings some subtle but pleasing visual changes to its interface. A teardown also turns up part of the sunrise feature that was announced earlier today.

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[Update: Fixed in V5.2] Some users are reporting Google Clock alarm failures since updating to Oreo

With any major OS release, in spite of rigorous testing and numerous developer previews, it's not uncommon for random issues to arise. Some users who've updated their Pixel or Nexus devices to Oreo have discovered an annoying bug whereby the alarm in the Google Clock app simply isn't going off. And that's a pretty big problem if it's the only alarm app you use.

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Google Home v1.21 enables access to alarms and timers set on Google Home, confirms multi-user profiles are underway [APK Download + Teardown]

Google Home is still relatively new, so there are still quite a few things on the immediate to-do list. An update to the app began rolling out yesterday and it brings one commonly requested feature: a way to check out the alarms and timers set on Google Home. On top of that, there is evidence that multi-user support is in the works, and probably includes individual voice recognition.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Time Picker Has A New Animation

There's a new little animation when setting an alarm in the clock app that moves the selector hand from the hour value to the minutes value. If that's not entirely clear, have a look at the gfycat below: after selecting the hour for an alarm, the hand now sweeps smoothly into the minutes position, whereas in Marshmallow, the hand would simply reappear in the minutes position without any visual transition or animation.

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The 'Until Next Alarm' Bug In Do Not Disturb Mode Returns, Will Probably Be There Until Google Patches It

Well this is frustrating. The bug that caused the "Until Next Alarm" function of Android's Do Not Disturb mode to disappear, which manifested itself in late December on a number of Android phones running Lollipop 5.1 and later, is back. The timing of the month seems more than coincidental. Since the problem manifested late in December, presumably Google didn't have time to implement a fix in the latest round of scheduled Android updates.

It looks like this will keep occurring at the tail end of the month until Google fixes it - hopefully in the latest round of Nexus updates.

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[Never Too Early For A Smile] Microsoft Garage's Mimicker Alarm Makes A Challenge Of Your Morning Wake-Up Routine

Wake up! Wakey wakey... It's time to rise and shine. Come on, wake up silly! I said wake up! Argh. It's like you're ignoring me on purpose. What's this ridiculous game we keep playing bruh? You ask me to do something for you every morning and I'm always up and at'em because you need me to. Then you're all about not even listening to me. And you have the nerve to hate me for actually doing my job! Ungrateful human. Oh wake up, please. Sigh. I hate this game.

I bet you don't do this to your other apps. They probably notify you and you're instantly all over them to see what they want.

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