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Here are the Pixel 2's all-new alarm, ringtone, and notification sounds

The last time Google made new alarm, notification, and ringtone sounds for Android was for the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition, because Google has done the same thing for this year's Pixels. We've also extracted them from a Pixel 2 XL, so you can use them on your own device.

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[Bug Watch] Notification, Alarm, And Ringtone Sounds Go Unrecognized If Moved Using On-Device File Explorer In Android 4.4.2

Android makes it very easy to add your own ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm sounds to your device. Simply move a sound file to the Notifications, Alarms, or Ringtones folder on your internal storage, and you're done. A new bug has popped up in Android 4.4.2, however, which could make this a bit more complicated. Currently, unless the sounds are added via a computer, they will not show up in your lists of available sounds.



The problem here is very straightforward. If you download an MP3 file directly onto your device, move it to its appropriate folder using an on-device file manager app like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, and then attempt to select it, it will not show up in the list of available sounds.

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