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Google announces 2018 AIY Projects kits with Raspberry Pi Zero included, new companion Android app

STEM projects and DIY kits to build smart little computers or sensors are popping everywhere these days. In a world that's fast embracing technology in every aspect of life, introducing the maximum number of people to hardware and software development is not just fun, it's downright essential. Google's venture started with AIY Projects which introduced a Do-It-Yourself Google Assistant speaker last year. This year, AIY Projects are refreshing the previous kit and bringing a new one.

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AIY Projects' Google Assistant voice kit can now be pre-ordered from Microcenter

Earlier this year, AIY Projects partnered with Google to develop the 'Voice Kit.' Once assembled and connected to a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, you had your very own DIY Google Assistant smart speaker. Google even added support for the kit to its Android Things OS.

But there was one problem - the only way to buy the kit was by finding issue 57 of the MagPi Magazine, which included the kit. The demand was high as well; a reprint from earlier this month sold out in 17 minutes. Now that there definitely aren't any copies of #57 left, AIY has partnered with Microcenter to sell the Voice Kit in retail stores.

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Android Things Developer Preview 3.1 adds support for the AIY Projects Voice Kit

Google released the first Developer Preview for its new 'Android Things' operating system back in December, and the company has been improving it ever since. A minor update, Developer Preview 3.1, was released today with support for the new AIY Projects Voice Kit.

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