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Which Android TV box should you buy?

Picking an Android TV box can be challenging, if only because there just aren't many of them to choose from in the first place. While NVIDIA's Shield TV and Shield TV Pro remain our top picks, there are other options on the market depending on your budget and desire form factor. The question is, are they worth looking at? We've assembled a list of some of the more popular Android TV devices, with an evaluation of each and why they or may not be right for you.

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AirTV Mini is an $80 4K Android TV stick with Sling on-board

Dish-owned AirTV came out in 2017 with a 4K HDR Android TV streaming box that can plug into an antenna for local over-the-air broadcasts — thus combining local TV with over-the-top services ranging from Netflix to YouTube to Sling (another Dish property) in one input. But what if you have other TV sets you'd like to hook up? Surely you'd want to avoid the hassle of getting another AirTV box, right? Well, the company has come out with a new stick that acts as an OTT streamer on its own, but can also relay OTA with the help of an existing AirTV unit.

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Dish unveils AirTV, a 4K Android TV streaming box with Netflix, Sling, and YouTube

Boxes that go under your TV and offer access to Netflix or other streaming services or over-the-air TV channels are all the rage at the moment, with things like Roku and NVIDIA Shield selling well. A new competitor has entered the area, as AirTV lays its claim to be under your television.

AirTV is a subsidiary of Dish, so that would explain why its pushing both OTA channels and Sling TV a great deal. The box, the AirTV Player, is powered by Android TV, and plays its content at 4K resolution. The OTA channels require an AirTV adapter and OTA antenna, which are both sold separately.

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