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US government seizes thousands of 'counterfeit Apple Airpods' that are actually OnePlus Buds

US Customs and Border Protection racked up a win late last month, according to its most recent press release. On August 31st, the agency seized 2,000 counterfeit "Apple Airpod Earbuds" destined for Nevada at New York's JFK International Airport. The only problem: those are OnePlus Buds, as you can see in the poor images DHS provided.

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OnePlus Buds are official: AirPods-style Bluetooth earbuds for $80

OnePlus's much-leaked true wireless Buds are now official, sporting a hard-tipped AirPods-like design, Bluetooth 5.0, 13.4mm drivers, and 7 hours of playback (and up to 30 with the battery case), all for $79. They'll come in White, Gray, and Nord Blue, with availability for White set starting on July 27th.

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HTC U Ear looks like a shameless AirPod clone no one asked for

For a company that's been on a years-long downhill toboggan, HTC still has hopes of playing catch-up in 2020. There's a 5G phone in the works, we're tracking another entry in the budget-minded Desire series, and now, for some reason, we're looking at some AirPod clones.

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Realme’s AirPods clone supports wireless charging, USB-C, and costs $56

Despite being late to the party, the AirPods undoubtedly managed to remodel the true wireless earbuds category. Though they play nice only with Apple devices, many Android users have secretly wanted those iconic white stems sticking out of their ears. To fill that gap, Realme, like many other brands, has stepped in with a pair of AirPods (1st gen) clones, called Buds Air, that bring a few premium features to the table without breaking the bank.

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Microsoft is also working on AirPods competitor, code-named 'Morrison'

Apple's lineup of AirPods wireless earbuds has been immensely successful, and the rest of the tech industry is still trying to catch up. We heard earlier this month that Amazon is planning wireless earbuds with Alexa, and it looks like Microsoft is also working on an AirPods competitor.

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Huawei's FreeBuds are €159 ripoffs of Apple AirPods

Huawei has unveiled what look to be the most expensive AirPod ripoffs yet, and they're called 'FreeBuds.' These very familiar-looking, fully-wireless Bluetooth headphones only got a tiny mention in addition to the P20's announcement, but Huawei had some units for event attendees to try on.

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AirPods can activate Google Assistant on your Android device with this app

There are only a handful of truely wireless earbuds on the market that are actually worth using, and perhaps the most popular at the moment is Apple's AirPods. But unlike most Apple products, they actually work pretty well with non-Apple devices, including Android phones. If you're looking for tighter integration between AirPods and your Android phone, DotArrow's latest app will come in handy.

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Ouch: iFixIt slams Apple's AirPods as "low quality," unrepairable, and unrecyclable

Wireless earbuds - truly wire-free ones - have been a very popular consumer product concept for some time now. Apple's AirPods are easily the most well-known, but they're far from the first. They are, however, according to iFixIt, a poster child for the environmental and practical problems that such products pose. Namely: they are completely unrepairable and essentially unrecyclable. And, according to iFixIt, they aren't especially well-made, either.

"David, this is Android Police" - I know, I know. But AirPods are probably the most hyped consumer electronic of the holiday season in 2016, and even if they don't work [fully] with Android phones, they are doubtless going to be imitated and iterated upon by tons of other companies in 2017.

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