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FCC's new chairman wants to keep voice call ban on airplanes

Ajit Pai was appointed as the Federal Communications Commission's new chairman shortly after the election of President Donald Trump. As a self-described opponent of net neutrality, it came as little surprise when he closed the organization's investigation into zero-rating in February.

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Red Bull Air Race The Game Hits Android To Deliver On Its Promise And Finally Give You Wings

What activities would you entrust to people jacked up on several cans of Red Bull? Flying an airplane probably doesn't rank high on the list, but for over a decade now, Red Bull has sponsored precisely that (okay, it probably doesn't actually encourage pilots to drink energy drinks beforehand). Established in the early 2000s, the Red Bull Air Race has taken place most years since (it took a hiatus from 2011 - 2013), pitting around ten or so planes against each other in a high-speed aerial obstacle course. Now average people are able to experience the thrill firsthand on their Android devices.

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FAA: Airplane Passengers Can Safely Use Electronic Devices During All Phases Of Flight, Including Takeoff And Landing

If all things go as planned, this year's holiday fliers won't have to turn off their smartphones at any point during their trip. The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that airlines can safely allow passengers to use portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. But first the competing companies must each submit plans to the government department detailing their plans to manage the electronics, and policies could potentially vary among each airline.


This decision comes soon after an investigatory panel consisting of representatives from airlines, passengers, pilots, mobile tech companies, and others recommended for restrictions to be loosened. The group concluded that most commercial airplanes could handle the limited radio interference signals emitted from portable electronics.

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Gogo Is Working On A New Inflight Wi-Fi Service 6x Faster Than It Currently Offers, Takeoff Expected Sometime In 2014

Riding on an airplane is the fastest way we currently have to get from one place to another, but boarding one is also one of the quickest ways to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Not all flights provide Wi-Fi access, and connections are often slow on those that do. Thankfully, Gogo is working to speed up airborne Wi-Fi connections, according to the Wall Street Journal, and Virgin America has already signed up to give its new service a go. The company plans to introduce Gogo's service on its 53 planes starting in the second half of next year.

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