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AirDroid launches new screen mirroring app for remote tech support

A year ago, AirDroid released AirMirror, an app that allows you to control other mobile devices right from your phone. It's great for helping out parents and friends in tech distress but it comes with some limitations. The device you want to control has to be rooted or set up by tethering it to a computer before you can access it. AirDroid's latest product, Remote Support, addresses this issue. While it won't allow you to outright remote into another device, you can see a mirror of the other party's screen as you interact with them through chat, voice messages, integrated calling, plus you can suggest touches and swipes that will show up on their screen.

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AirMirror from AirDroid arrives to control your phone from another

From tech support for clueless parents to changing settings away from home, remote desktop tools are an invaluable part of the modern software kit. But the mobile market has expanded to the point that many developers consider the target a higher priority than desktops. That's why AirDroid—makers of the popular tool for managing your Android device from your desktop—have just released a new AirMirror app for remotely controlling one mobile device from another. 

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of 100 AirDroid Premium Membership Codes From AirDroid And Android Police

AirDroid has been doing its thing for a while now, and the developers are constantly trying to find new ways to make this already-powerful tool even more useful. Today's update to v3.1.3 brings just that, with significant improvements to AirMirror on Samsung phones. For those who may not know, AirMirror is a tool that allows the user to remotely control their rooted Android phone directly from their PC or Mac. It's incredibly useful.

With today's AirDroid update, this feature has been greatly improved on rooted Samsung phones. Basically, at this point it should work with most Samsung phones running Android 4.0 or above.

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