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AirDroid picks up AirDrop-like file sharing

AirDroid used to be a typical part of the Android enthusiast's swiss army knife app toolkit, and it still has a strong userbase, even if some have moved on as a result of heavy in-app advertisements and security troubles. But it just picked up a new feature that might convince some folks to try it again. AirDroid now lets you share files to nearby devices AirDrop-style.

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AirDroid launches new screen mirroring app for remote tech support

A year ago, AirDroid released AirMirror, an app that allows you to control other mobile devices right from your phone. It's great for helping out parents and friends in tech distress but it comes with some limitations. The device you want to control has to be rooted or set up by tethering it to a computer before you can access it. AirDroid's latest product, Remote Support, addresses this issue. While it won't allow you to outright remote into another device, you can see a mirror of the other party's screen as you interact with them through chat, voice messages, integrated calling, plus you can suggest touches and swipes that will show up on their screen.

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AirMirror from AirDroid arrives to control your phone from another

From tech support for clueless parents to changing settings away from home, remote desktop tools are an invaluable part of the modern software kit. But the mobile market has expanded to the point that many developers consider the target a higher priority than desktops. That's why AirDroid—makers of the popular tool for managing your Android device from your desktop—have just released a new AirMirror app for remotely controlling one mobile device from another. 

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AirDroid updates desktop client with a built-in file manager

AirDroid remains a popular way to manage Android devices from a computer, despite security issues in the past (which were later fixed). Sand Studio, the developers behind AirDroid, has released version 3.5 of the desktop client with a full file manager built-in.

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[Update: Fix is live] AirDroid Beta fixes major security issues, official rollout expected soon

A few days ago, independent security firm Zimperium released details about several major security flaws in the popular AirDroid application. In summary, attackers can easily intercept insecure requests to AirDroid's servers, as well as push malicious APKs to devices which appear as AirDroid add-on updates (which AirDroid then prompts the user to accept). Granted, the user has to be on an insecure Wi-Fi network for the attack to work, but it's still a major problem.

That alone is bad enough, but Zimperium informed AirDroid of the problem a whopping seven months ago. During that time, a major 4.0 update was released, which still had the same security issues.

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[Update: AirDroid responds] Multiple security vulnerabilities found in AirDroid, including ability to send malicious APKs to a user's device

AirDroid is one of several services that allows Android users to send and receive text messages, as well as transfer files and see notifications, from their computer. According to the Play Store, AirDroid has somewhere between 10 and 50 million installs (not counting anyone directly installing the APK from the AirDroid website). Mobile security company Zimperium recently released details of several major security vulnerabilities in AirDroid, allowing attackers on the same network to access user information and even execute code on a user's phone.

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AirDroid 4.0 gives the utility a user interface redesign from the ground up

AirDroid, the free app that offers easy file transfers and remote management for Android devices, remains one of the best and most consistent apps on the Play Store. Developer Sand Studio is scrupulous in maintaining the app's functionality and improving it with new features and design tweaks. Today the dev introduced what's probably the biggest change to the platform since it offered a paid option: a complete visual overhaul. Everything from the layout to the logo to the promotional web page has been updated.

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AirDroid Adds Automatic Local Network Photo Backup To Its Bag Of Tricks

Anyone who's been hanging around Android Police knows that AirDroid is one of our very favorite tools. And a big part of what makes it so great is that the developers are constantly improving both the core file transfer functions and adding brand new stuff more or less constantly. The latest additional goodie is a photo backup system, more or less like the ones featured in Dropbox or Google Drive and their imitators, but minus the online cloud storage element.

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AirDroid 3.2 Update Adds Clipboard And Keyboard Sharing Between Phones And PCs, Skype Notification Reply Support, And More

It's no secret that we at Android Police are huge fans of AirDroid. A big part of that is because the developer is constantly updating the app with new features. So it is with the latest version, 3.2, which adds a handful of new goodies to the remote management tool. Some of these require use with an updated version of the dedicated desktop app (instead of the more popular browser version).

The coolest addition to the program is the ability to type directly into input fields on your phone with your computer's keyboard, which is now the best possible solution for typing on Android until someone releases a mechanical keyboard five inches wide.

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AirDroid Introduces Desktop Widget And Right-Click File Sharing For Windows, New Menu Bar Tabs For Mac, And SMS Search For Both

AirDroid offers one of the more Android-themed ways to get files from your computer to your smartphone or tablet. It's green, there's a bugdroid in the logo, and, well—this isn't the point. Besides, file sharing is just scratching the surface. AirDroid lets you control your device remotely, accessing texts and turning on the camera. Now the developers have rolled out a number of intriguing features in the latest updates to its Windows and Mac desktop clients.

On the Windows side of things, there's a new desktop widget. It lets you access much of the functionality the main client offers without having to load up the full window.

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