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Aipower Wearbuds review: Halfway to a good product

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds were introduced in 2014 by the likes of the Bragi Dash and later popularized by the Apple Airpods. Since then, we've seen incremental developments like fitness tracking on the Jabra Elite Active 65T and wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy Buds, but the form factor has essentially remained the same — a pair of earbuds stored inside a charging case that goes in your pocket. Aipower, a sub-brand of Aukey, is looking to shake things up with the Aipower Wearbuds (that recently went live on Kickstarter) by combining true wireless earbuds with a wrist-based fitness tracker.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of four Aipower Wearbuds, the first wristband-housed wireless earbuds (US)

Truly wireless earbuds are great to have, but if you want to use them for extended periods of time, you have to bring along the charging case. Most cases are thicker than the average smartphone, and can be uncomfortable in your pocket). Aipower's new Wearbuds wireless earbuds are more convenient to carry around than any other earbuds, because they can be stored on your wrist, and we've partnered with Aipower to give away four pars to Android Police readers.

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