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Google I/O 2018 mega-roundup: Every announcement we covered

After three days of non-stop announcements and developer talks, Google I/O 2018 has finally come to a close. Unless you were watching the event yourself, or if you were refreshing Android Police every minute, you probably missed a few things.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of every announcement from Google I/O for your reading pleasure, complete with links to our full coverage of each topic. Enjoy!

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Google Photos Color Pop images are rolling out

Google covered a lot of ground during the I/O 2018 keynote, but the thread running through all of it was artificial intelligence. Google Photos is one of the places users encounter this technology most often, and it's getting more AI magic. The Color Pop images Google announced in the keynote are already starting to appear in the app, but it's not an on-demand feature.

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Gmail Smart Compose is going live as an 'experimental feature'

Gmail Smart Compose, a nifty new feature that predicts what you're going to type and fills it in with a press of the tab key, is going live. It's only available on the desktop version of the new Gmail, and to use it, you'll have to enable experimental features in Gmail's settings.

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Google Assistant's 'Pretty Please' will encourage kids to be polite

You don't have to be nice to AI assistants. As long as they can understand you, they'll generally do what you ask, regardless of how you ask it. Some parents have been concerned that that might encourage their kids to be rude and demanding to actual people, so Google came up with a way to safeguard against that. It's called Pretty Please.

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Google Photos is planning AI-powered recommendations called suggested actions

I/O is now in full swing, and so far Google has placed a significant emphasis on its AI-powered plans for the future. In fact, it's planning on making one of its best products ever, Google Photos, even better through liberal machine-learned seasoning called suggested actions. So the next time you grab a photo of your friends or an image doesn't come out quite perfectly, Photos will be able to lend a hand. 

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Google adding machine learning-based Smart Compose to Gmail this month

The recent Gmail redesign is still fresh in everyone's minds and I'm still playing around with it. Google isn't done with its signature email, however. Smart Compose is the next step, which utilizes the advances in AI to improve upon the already nifty Smart Reply.

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Google Research rebranded as Google AI to convey the importance of machine learning across the company

Google's research projects have been rolled into to create the new Google AI division. This means that Google Research is no more, and a new website has been launched alongside a renamed blog. The move unifies all of the company's advanced research efforts while explicitly pointing to the machine learning tech that underpins them.

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Google's own researchers call machine learning 'alchemy'

Machine learning is a quickly-growing field, and Google has been leading the charge for years. The company uses AI to predict flight delays, improve virtual keyboards, give names to streets, create charts from spreadsheets, recommend online articles, and much more.

However, machine learning is not the precise technology that many assume it is. Ali Rahimi, a researcher at the company, received a 40-second ovation at an AI conference for calling machine learning, "a form of alchemy."

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Using the LG G7's 'intelligent' camera sure is a lot of work

Smartphone manufacturers know that shoppers have a ton of options, so making your own offering stand out from the crowd is critical. But all too often we end up with a phone that feels like it was designed by its marketing department, with a smattering of buzz-hungry keywords that do little to impact the day-to-day user experience. Case in point: With the new G7, LG returns to the “AI” camera experience we first got to know on the V30S. And while it can occasionally be impressive, it also feels like a truly “intelligent” camera should be held to a higher standard than what we get here.

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Verizon LG V30 update adds AI camera and ThinQ branding

At Mobile World Congress, LG announced a new version of the V30 called the V30S ThinQ, but it wasn't actually new. There were no hardware changes to enable the AI camera features (just more storage and RAM), so there was nothing stopping LG from rolling them out in an update. It did so in Korea last month, and now the same re-branding is coming to Verizon in the latest update.

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