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Google posts new Duplex demo to show how Assistant will identify itself on the phone

One of the most interesting, and some might say unsettling moments at Google I/O 2018 was the demo of Google Duplex. We saw how Assistant could call a business and get you a reservation by talking to a real person. Google even added in weird human ticks like "umm." Now, there's a new demo video of Duplex, and this time Assistant identified itself.

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Microsoft adds AI-powered visual search to Bing app

Odds are you have Google Lens in your phone as part of Assistant. If you're not satisfied with Lens, there's an alternative from Microsoft. The Bing app has been updated with AI-powered visual search. So, it's Lens but from Microsoft.

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Google introduces ethical standards for AI use

Just earlier today, Google's Sundar Pichai laid down the company's new AI manifesto. While it may just seem like a more verbose response to the recent military AI contracts, in many ways, the new set of principles are more accurately the answer to questions initially raised last year by Sergey Brin in Alphabet's 2017 Founders' letter. In it, Brin speculated on the impact of machine learning and AI, as well as the problems and expectations Google had in developing the new technology. And now a year later, the company has revealed its objectives and its limits.

In the wake of AI fear (mongering?), Google has put down its own rules.

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Google releases standalone Lens app in Play Store

Google Lens is available on most Android phones in some fashion, but now there's another way to access Google's computer vision platform. There's a new standalone Lens app in the Play Store. There aren't any new features in the app—it just opens a viewfinder with Lens to identify objects in the real world... maybe. You know, it's Lens.

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Google won't renew its contract to develop AI for US military drones

Over the past few months, Google has attracted criticism for its involvement in 'Project Maven.' The news broke in March that Google was working with the United States Department of Defense to develop artificial intelligence for analyzing footage from military drones. Google downplayed its involvement in the program, saying it was only helping the DoD use the company's open-source TensorFlow software.

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Samsung wants to have Bixby in all of its smart home products by 2020

Bixby is one of the less popular voice assistants on the market today, with most of its mentions in the news concerning Samsung not allowing Galaxy owners to disable it. In spite of that, the company is on a mission to put it in more and more of its products. Samsung has announced that it'll be putting Bixby in all of its IoT (Internet of Things) products by 2020.

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Google Photos is rolling out automatic brightness fix, image rotation, and expanded archive suggestions

New prompts to automatically adjust brightness, rotate images, and archive screenshots and pictures of things like labels, menus, and receipts are popping up in the Google Photos app and web interface. We saw this coming in a Photos teardown earlier this month.

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Email 'Nudges' are rolling out in the new Gmail

Gmail recently got its biggest redesign in years, but not all of the announced features were live right out of the gate. Today, Google has started deploying the new Gmail's "Nudge" feature, which is designed to help you reply to emails you missed or ignored like the lazy procrastinator you are.

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Google's hyped obstruction-removal feature in Photos is deprioritized, may still have major issues

We're coming up on a year since Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed off a nifty obstruction-removal feature in Google Photos at I/O 2017 — you know, the one where a chain-link fence is magically removed from a photo of a girl at bat. Some Pollyannas were hoping Google would offer an update on the now-mythical feature at this year's developer conference. While the company announced some cool enhancements to Google Photos at I/O 2018, there was no official follow-up on the fate of the buzzworthy feature showed off last year. But now there's word that it has been deprioritized and may not be anywhere close to a rollout.

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Google I/O 2018 mega-roundup: Every announcement we covered

After three days of non-stop announcements and developer talks, Google I/O 2018 has finally come to a close. Unless you were watching the event yourself, or if you were refreshing Android Police every minute, you probably missed a few things.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of every announcement from Google I/O for your reading pleasure, complete with links to our full coverage of each topic. Enjoy!

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