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Microsoft finally graces us with the release of Age of Empires: Castle Siege

An overly long tutorial that you can not escape, check. Wait timers for almost every single action you want to perform, check. The ruining of a beloved franchise all for the love of the almighty dollar, check, check, and double check. Despite Microsoft's efforts, slapping the Age of Empires name onto a FTP wait time filled grind fest does not make it an actual Age of Empires game.

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[Non-US Only] Age Of Empires: World Domination Soft Launches In The Play Store For Certain Countries

Talk of Age of Empires coming to Android has existed around the water cooler for over two years now, since Microsoft gave developer KLad license to make games with the property. We expected something to arrive long before now, but we understand. Sometimes resources take a while to gather, and you don't want to move with an army that's unprepared. But the time has come, and Age of Empires: World Dominance has now invaded the Play Store.

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No, Xbox And Other Microsoft First-Party Games Aren't Coming To Android Any Time Soon

A few days ago, there was a huge commotion around the Android and iOS campfires: Microsoft is bringing its first-party games to mobile platforms other than Windows Phone! The news stemmed from this Reuters report that Age of Empires would be coming to Android and iOS, followed by other titles. The first part is correct (though not nearly as exciting as it sounds, see below) but the latter part seems to be a translation error - Phil Spencer, Microsoft's VP of the company's internal game studio, clarified the issue via his Twitter account.

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