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Abstract Arcade/Adventure Game David. Comes To Android, Brings Evil Physics-Beasts Along For The Ride

What are you to do in a world overrun by evil physics-beasts? Take the fight to them with your "slingshot-esque gift" of course. The odds are not in your favor, but you are David., the chosen polygon with the rainbow slingshot thing. At least it'll be a good fight.

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Hand-Drawn Adventure Game 'Whispering Willows' Comes To Android With A 50% Off Launch Price Until September 9th

Whispering Willows is the kind of game we'd like to see more of on any platform. The art style alone shows how much care and attention the designers approached the game with. That it happens to be fun is almost a perk.

The hand-drawn experience centers on Elena, a girl who can project her spirit outside of her body. Controlling her astral projection to solve puzzles forms the crux of the gameplay.

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Foursaken Media's 'Phantom Rift' Is A Mega Man Battle Network-Inspired Adventure With Hundreds Of Spells And Loot Galore

Phantom Rift is the latest game from Foursaken Media, and once again the developer has shown that it knows how to deliver attractive mobile experiences. Following the likes of Monster Adventures, Heroes and Castles, and Bug Heroes 2, Phantom Rift serves as another example of attractive 3D fun. This time around we're looking at a role-playing game inspired by the Mega Man Battle Network series of games that originally appeared on the Game Boy Advance.

In Phantom Rift (and MMBN before it), battles take place on a 6 x 3 grid. The system mixes in elements from card battle games, and in this case, players build a deck of spells that determines which actions they may take in battle.

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[New Game] Headup Games' Hand-Drawn Adventure 'The Inner World' Provides All The Warm Fuzzies You Can Fit Inside $4.99

Developer Headup Games welcomes players to journey through the peculiar world of Asposia in its newly released point-and-click adventure game, The Inner World. With hand-drawn graphics (presented in non-stereoscopic 2D), humorous voice-overs, and an over-abundance of charm, this game looks posed to deliver all the warm fuzzies a mobile gamer can handle (maybe even a little more). After winning high praises over on Apple's mobile platform, it's time for Android fans to get to experience this amusement firsthand.

The world of Asposia is a massive hollow space surrounded, deliberately unbelivably, by an infinite expanse of earth. People are able to breathe thanks to the air that comes from three wind fountains, but as these start failing one after another, we suddenly have cause for adventure and enough justification to sustain a game.

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[New Game] Broken Sword 5: Episode 2 Continues The Story Of The Serpent's Curse

Four months ago, part one of the Kickstarter-funded fifth installment of the Broken Sword series hit the Play Store costing $6.99. It has since dropped to $4.99, and today part two of the saga is available for one dollar more, a reasonable $5.99. Okay, now that the math is out of the way, let's recap. Broken Sword is a long-running adventure series (the 5 in the name may have given that away) that has been picking up fans since 1996, and given the success the franchise found on Kickstarter, clearly many of them have stuck around.

These most recent installments bring many improvements, including visuals that really are a treat.

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[New Game] Unearthed: Trail Of Ibn Battuta Is An Action Game That Wants To Be Uncharted When It Grows Up

Gamers who've been living under a priceless hand-carved ancient monolith might not know about Uncharted, a series of PlayStation-exclusive action adventure games that have sold tens of millions of copies across three titles. The odds of us getting an Android port of Uncharted are somewhere between slim and none. But you can get a shameless copy of Uncharted-style gaming with Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta, available now on the Play Store.

If Unearthed is a copy, it comes by it honestly, since both it and its source material are treading in familiar fedora and whip territory. (The trailer above even includes an ancient temple with giant rolling stone balls.

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Monument Valley Review: It Only Takes An Hour To Change The World

Monument Valley came to Android a week ago after attracting roughly a million downloads on iOS in the one month since its release. That's no small number, but it doesn't take much time with the game to understand why (a good thing, considering just how little time you're going to spend playing it). Monument Valley has been put together pixel by pixel, with the game offering no more nor less than it needs to provide an absolutely captivating experience.

Monument4 Monument29

The Gameplay

Monument Valley is a series of M.C. Escher paintings come to life. Each of the puzzle adventure game's ten stages plop players down on a piece of impossible looking architecture and tasks them with manipulating stairs and walkways so that the silent Princess Ida can navigate to the goal.

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[New Game] Her Interactive's 27th Nancy Drew Sequel 'Ghost Of Thornton' Becomes Its First On Android

Developer Her Interactive and Nancy Drew have a long relationship that will, by the end of this month, span thirty PC games (and some Mac) over the course of roughly fifteen years. These point-and-click adventure titles are standard fare for fans of the genre, containing puzzles, mysteries, and an engaging plot. Now one has made its way to Android, Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton." This isn't the first game in the main series (yes, the company has more than one Nancy Drew series), nor the second, nor the third. It's the twenty-eighth.

Nancy2 Nancy1 Nancy3

Her Interactive has done a decent job scaling the content down to run on Android tablets.

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[New Game] Monument Valley Appears On Android After A Month Of Successfully Wooing iOS Gamers

Monument Valley has been available for iOS for little over a month, but it has already amassed around half a million downloads. What makes that figure even more impressive? This isn't a freemium game. No, people are buying and playing it at $3.99 a pop. Something about this strikingly beautiful puzzle adventure is attracting gamers in spades.

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15 Hauntingly Beautiful Dark And Atmospheric Android Games

While there is no shortage of puzzle and arcade games on the Android platform, it can be easy to get drawn into the mainstream hits like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The first time I stumbled onto a "darker" game, I had downloaded World Of Goo as part of a Humble Bundle, and was instantly mesmerized by its graphics and sounds. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it, and I ended up on the Play Store looking at the "Similar Apps" and "Users also installed" sections. Fast forward hours of going down that rabbit hole, jumping from one listing to another, I emerged with a collection of games that seemed to fit into that same category of atmospheric puzzles and adventures.

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