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Google's Advanced Protection Program now offers improved malware detection in Chrome

Google’s Advanced Protection Program gives users an extra security layer to protect their online accounts and data from prying eyes, especially useful for journalists, activists, and the like. For over a year, the initiative has alerted users of potentially malicious files downloaded through Chrome. Google is now taking that a step further to make the tool even more useful in identifying malware.

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Google's Advanced Protection Program now supports Nest logins

Google is a big company with a lot of initiatives going at any given time. Sometimes, however, these projects can clash. For example, the Google Advanced Protection Program makes your account more secure, but it didn't support Nest. That's a problem when Google is simultaneously pushing people to migrate their Nest accounts to Google logins. Today, Google has finally rectified this issue. Advanced Protection accounts can now connect to Nest.

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You can now enroll in Google's Advanced Protection Program using just your phone, no backup key required

The Advanced Protection Program is arguably the best way to secure access to all of your documents and information you've stored in your Google account. Until now, though, you were required to consign two security keys in order to get those extra safety measures and only one of them could be an Android phone. Those requirements seem to have changed today as Google has started allowing iOS devices to act as keys and letting users enroll into the program with just their mobile device, no backup key needed.

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Google Advanced Protection Program may someday block installing apps from outside the Play Store

You may be aware of Google's Advanced Protection Program, which allows customers to opt-in on additional security protections and restrictions for their Google account, like a forced two-factor hardware security key requirement without fallbacks, and reduced account access for third-party apps. In addition to enhanced security, it also comes with other recent perks. According to details revealed in a recent teardown by 9to5Google, the Advanced Protection Program may expand to blocking apps from being installed from outside the Play Store.

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Google Advanced Protection users can gift friends a free Titan security key set (and get their own free Nest Mini)

If you use a two-factor security key for your Google account, then you might know about the company's Advanced Protection Program, which enables a handful of additional security protections and restrictions. What you might not know is that if you have enabled that program on your account, you can gift a friend a Titan security key set and get a new Nest Mini for yourself, all for free.

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Google working on 'Advanced Protection Program' for high-profile user accounts

There are several different ways to secure your Google account, beyond a simple password. You can use a 2FA app like Google Authenticator or Authy, you can receive login prompts on your phone, or you can setup a physical USB key for 2FA (like a Yubikey). Bloomberg reports that Google is working on yet another form of account security, specifically for high-profile users.

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