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How to record audio from your Android apps

For a long time, it was impossible to save your phone's internal audio while you're recording your screen, but that has changed with Android 10. The latest stable release of the OS comes with an API that gives apps access to internal audio. While it was created with accessibility features in mind, like Live Caption, it can also be used by other apps. Many screen recorders have already been updated to take advantage of that, and we've got a collection of the best of the bunch for you.

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ADV Screen Recorder adds internal audio capture on Android 10 thanks to new API

Among the plethora of changes coming with Android 10, there's a new API that's particularly useful for screen-recording apps. Google's new OS allows access to internal audio for accessibility purposes (in particular, the company showcased a live-transcribe service for the deaf), but of course, other apps can also utilize the API. ADV Screen Recorder is one of the first apps to take advantage of it to offer internal audio capture on version 4.1.0.

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