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ADT will sell Nest hardware, give customers Nest Aware as part of half-billion dollar deal with Google

Google is teaming up with security provider ADT to better promote its Nest smart displays and security cameras. In a $450 million deal that gives the big G around 6.6% of ADT's stock (with some caveats), ADT customers will get access to Google's Nest Aware subscription service, and ADT will be able to sell and install Nest gadgets.

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ADT announces Blue line of Wi-Fi security cameras, starting at $200

The DIY home surveillance market is pretty well saturated already, but that hasn't deterred security veteran ADT from tossing its hat in the ring. At CES, the company announced three new cameras designed to compete with the likes of Arlo and Nest: both indoor and outdoor models, as well as a doorbell camera.

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ADT's LifeShield launches HD Video Doorbell for $200

Established security firm ADT broke away from Samsung SmartThings to launch its own fully-fledged smart home security platform earlier this year, and now its LifeShield subsidiary is releasing a video doorbell to go with its own DIY system.

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Google Assistant commands can now disarm ADT Pulse security systems


ADT announces new Command and Control security system

Traditional security services firm ADT entered the connected home space with its Pulse app and has also partnered with Samsung SmartThings in the past, but at CES 2019 it's showing off a whole new own-branded platform. The Command and Control security system consists of a tablet-esque hub and new app for your phone.

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SmartThings announces home security system with ADT monitoring

Samsung isn't going to let Nest run away with the DIY home security market just yet. On October 29th, Samsung SmartThings will begin selling a home security starter kit that you can deploy yourself. Whereas Nest is offering professional monitoring from MONI, SmartThings is partnering with ADT to give its home security system some teeth.

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ADT updates its Pulse security app to lock out rooted or otherwise modified devices

There are plenty of home automation and security platforms these days, but some consumers like to stick to what they know, and ADT has been doing home security for a long time. It offers its own camera and sensor systems, all controlled via the Pulse app with support for third-party devices like Nest. People pay monthly for ADT services, and now some of them are feeling rather ripped off after an update to Pulse blocked access on rooted or modified devices.

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Google officially ends support for Eclipse Android Developer Tools in favor of Android Studio

Long ago in days of yore, Google provided a plugin for the popular Eclipse integrated development environment, the better for aspiring mobile devs to work with their favorite IDE while making new apps. Months after the release of the stand-alone Android Studio version 2.2, Google is officially getting rid of support for the older IDE in favor of its own internal project. To be clear, Eclipse is still very much alive and in active development (it's not a Google program), it's just the plugin that's no longer supported.

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Microsoft Releases Standalone Android Emulator With Easy Instructions To Use It With Android Studio And Eclipse With ADT

Microsoft surprised Android developers last year with the launch of a brand new emulator designed for performance and features that aren't available anywhere else. While the initial Preview release only included an image for KitKat, subsequent updates introduced an expanded set of emulator images and some valuable new features. While a high-speed emulator is certainly compelling, many developers still didn't adopt it because it had to be downloaded and installed alongside a very large Visual Studio package, not to mention it was also frustrating to set up for use with other IDEs. Last week, Microsoft unburdened the emulator and released it as a standalone download along with step-by-step instructions to set it up to easily run with Android Studio and Eclipse with ADT.

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Google Officially Ends Support For ADT With Eclipse, Urges Android Developers To Migrate Projects To Android Studio

It's been a long and winding road, but the days of Eclipse with ADT are over. In a post on the Android development blog, Google has announced that development and official support for the Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse will be shut down at the end of this year. Google intends to focus all of its effort on improving Android Studio and advises developers move their active projects to Android Studio using the included migration tool.

This news comes about six months after Google declared the ADT plugin was no longer in active development. The change in status meant the tools would only receive bug fixes and updates necessary to remain functional, but there would be no more improvements or new features.

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