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Google Ads app gets dark mode, Maps and Home still waiting

Dark mode is definitely one of the most popular features users look for in an app these days. Thankfully, most developers have started to implement it in their software offerings. Google has been part of the trend, as the Play Store, Drive, Files, and Gmail apps now have a dark mode, to name a few. Interestingly, the company's Ads app just received the feature, before some of the company's most popular services.

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Google rolling out new AdSense mobile site ahead of Android app shutdown

Google AdSense is the most popular ad platform on the web, but the Android app was last updated in 2017. There's a reason for that — Google wants to replace both it and the iOS app with a cross-platform web application. Now the new mobile site is here, so business owners (or YouTube vloggers) can check their earnings on the go.

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Google discontinues AdSense mobile apps, will focus on web app instead

Google AdSense is the largest web advertising platform in existence, and it's what powers ads on almost every website out there. The Android and iOS apps have offered a way to quickly check earnings and other data while on the go, but now Google is shuttering them in favor of the mobile web app.

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EU hits Google with €1.5 billion AdSense antitrust fine

Just this morning, we wrote about Google and the European Commission getting along, with Google proactively encouraging users to use other browsers and search engines than their own. Now, they're back at war. The Commission has fined Google €1.49 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules concerning AdSense.

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Google had to disable 900,000 ads in 2016 for spreading malware, and that's just the tip of the bad ad iceberg

Spend any amount of time on the internet (without an ad-blocker) and you'll run across at least a few Google AdSense ads. They're everywhere—including on AP. Being such a huge ad platform, it's also utilized by scammers, malware creators, and other internet ne'er-do-wells. Google has a new blog post up detailing what it did in 2016 to limit the use of AdSense for scams and illegal activity. The most relevant statistic for us is 900,000 ads disabled for spreading malware. That's a lot of malware.

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[Not Calendar] Google's AdSense and Analytics sites get a Material Design makeover

Ever since its introduction many, many moons ago, Material Design was promised as an adaptable design language that's suited for our modern web: it works across platforms, it feels vibrant and responsive, and it brings layers and a sense of real interactions with something as static as a flat mobile or desktop screen. But even Google hasn't been diligent about implementing Material Design in its own sites. Contacts and Google+ are perhaps the most prominent two that got the makeover, but other entities still lag behind. (Like Calendar... Why?!)

Today, however, is a happy day for MD lovers who also happen to manage sites or ads — ie, probably not many of our readers.

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AdSense Gets Material Makeover, Spiffy Icon, More Report Types, New Metrics, And Custom Date Ranges In Version 3.0 [APK Download]

Most of us are more familiar with seeing ads than managing them, but those with Google AdSense accounts will be pleased to know that the latest version of the Android app has gone material. And that's just the beginning.

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Google Blocks AdSense And AdWords In Crimea Following US Sanctions, Play Services Starting February 1st

The US and EU have put in effect sanctions against the Crimea area of Ukraine following Russia's annexation of the peninsula, and now various tech companies are complying. Google has already started to block AdSense and AdWords in the region, reports TechCrunch, and it plans to cut off Google Play services starting on February 1st.

Google's actions follow the likes of Apple, PayPal, and Valve (which has opted to turn off Steam in Crimea altogether). When Google cuts off access to Google Play services, this will apply to both paid and free provisions, but the company will continue to provide access to web-based services such as search, Gmail, and Maps.

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AdSense For Android Updated To Version 2.0 With Tweaked User Interface, More Metrics, Detailed Charts, And More

Google's rolling out an AdSense update for its Android app that should provide a better experience for monitoring your revenue stream on the go. Version 2.0 introduces an enhanced interface, one that presents new information in a more visual manner. And don't worry, the widget introduced in the last release is still intact.

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Google AdSense App Updated To Version 1.2 With Its Most Requested Feature: A Widget [Update: APK]

What you read is true. If you're an AdSense customer and want to keep an eye on your AdSense and AdMob accounts, the oft-requested widget is finally part of the official AdSense app. Breathe a sigh of relief – you're days will be be better moving forward, everything will be more convenient, and life as a whole is going to be good, maybe even great. All thanks to this convenient widget.

But there's even more! AdSense will now respect your timezone settings and automatically adjust the figures according to the Home tab on the AdSense website. Isn't that sweet? Otherwise, you'll also get lifetime earnings support in all reports and translations in 24 different languages.

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