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Chrome Safe Browsing Now Warns Against Fake 'Download' Buttons And Other Deceptive Ads

You know those fake "download" buttons you see when you're searching for old Super NES ROMs completely legitimate open-source software? The kind that advertising networks sometimes spit out even on otherwise above-board sites? Yeah, they're awful, and they often link directly to copycat or malicious files. Google hates them as much as you do, and is taking steps to make them less effective. Starting today, Chrome browsers on all platforms will warn visitors to sites with potentially misleading or fake "download" ads.

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Samsung's New Galaxy S7 Commercials Are Funny, Smart, And Star-Studded

Samsung's commercials are often a mixed bag. Sometimes they stumble on a smart idea and execute it well, other times they get stuck repeating themselves and seeming rather petty about it. Luckily, this latest set of commercials for the Galaxy S7 is in the former category. Because if you're going to suffer through these ads for the next few months, they better be good ones, right?

The first commercial, Why? debuted at the Oscars on Sunday and shows a number of celebrities and people asking why can't their phones have a specific feature. Among them is Wesley Snipes who wants to store all of his movies, Lil' Wayne who'd rather seem reckless pouring champagne on his phone but know it'll survive, James Harden who's grumpy for his late cameo appearance in the video, Doc Rivers who only cares about pick and roll defense, and finally William H.

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Pocket Is Preparing To Roll Sponsored Content Out To Non-Premium Users

Ever since Pocket replaced ye olde Read it Later app, it has offered a great experience for saving and reading articles. It's been free and without ads this whole time, but that's about to change. The pocket blog reports that sponsored content (i.e. ads) will start appearing in reading lists soon.

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Facebook May Be Planning On Pushing Ads In Messenger

A leaked document indicates Facebook has a big change planned for Messenger this year, and it's not likely to make most users happy. The social network has reached out to its biggest advertising partners to announce the impending release of ads in Facebook Messenger. The ads will be tied to conversations, so Facebook is suggesting that businesses get customers to start Messenger threads with them now.

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New Android Commercial Uses 'Not The Same' Musical Analogy, Leads To Confusing Tweets

Google has been on a kick lately with Android ads featuring the "Be together. Not the same" slogan, and the latest uses a piano to make its point. The ad shows what it would be like if all those keys were the same instead of different, which is fun and kind of clever. However, the @Android Twitter account got a little carried away with the letter "C."

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Link Bubble Will Be Rebranded As Brave, A Friendlier Ad-Blocking Browser That Protects Your Privacy

The new owners of Link Bubble made it open source yesterday, but that's just the beginning of what Brave Software (led by former Mozilla CEO and JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich) has planned for the project it purchased from dev Chris Lacy. The company has started explaining its vision for Brave, and it's an ambitious one. Brave will redirect links to HTTPS, block tracking cookies, and (most importantly) strip out ads that invade your privacy. Unlike other ad-blockers, Brave will be able to insert friendlier ads that will help support publishers.

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New Android Ad Gets Two Thumbs Up, Plus Some More Fingers Dressed Like People

There's a new Android ad on YouTube, and it's pretty good. The premise, according to Google, is that we're all "wonderfully unique" just like fingerprints. The ad shows finger-puppet people being individuals and coming together to have fun. Aw, how sweet.

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You Will Soon See Interactive Mobile Ads Streaming Apps And Games So You Can Try Before You Buy

The point of ads is to get you interested in whatever is occupying that—ugh where is that X okay there it is—now, where was I? Ads, right. They're just after our attention. Thing is, they generally fail to do their job. So Google wants them to be better.

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After Adding A Bunch Of Bloat To The Free App, ES File Explorer's $3 'Pro' Version Will Take Some Of It Away

Since Google still only reveals a tiny portion of the file system to Android end users, most intermediate and "power" users have a go-to file manager that they use on a regular basis. ES File Explorer was, at least until recently, one of the most popular options on the Play Store - it offers a simple interface, a robust set of tools, and it's been available for years. But recent changes have made long-time fans of the app wary; now ES File Explorer includes a built-in web browser, "junk cleaner" notifications, and "recommended apps" (read: advertisements), among other bells and whistles that no one really asked for in a file manager.

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Google Expanding 'Ad-Supported' Labels To All Apps, Developers Must Update Listings By January 11th, 2016

Google announced a badge to make users aware of ad-supported apps in the "Designed for Families" program at I/O this year (see what that looks like above). Now, all apps will be subject to the same requirement going forward. Developers are getting email notifications of the change right now, and they have until January 11th to log in and state whether or not an app has ads.

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