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Google Play Search Ads Are About To Get More In Your Face As Google Expands Availability To All Advertisers

Google started showing a few ads in the Play Store phone client earlier this year, but the feature has been in testing this whole time. Play Store ads are now available to all interested parties, so get ready to see a lot more of them.

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Google Contributor Is Now Open To Everyone In The US, Subscribe To Hide Some Ads And Throw The Sites You Love A Buck

After having been available to some users as a beta for over half a year, Google Contributor is now available to everyone in the US.

Great, now I can contribute to Google!

Eh, not quite. Google Contributor's purpose is to free you from ads. Not all of them, mind you, but some. Pay $2 - $10 a month to remove anywhere from 5 - 50% of those banners and animated squares you see on the web. This money then provides an alternate way to fund the sites you frequent.


Here's how things work in the background. Contributors become bidders on AdSense, and the ads they outbid are the ones they don't have to see.

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Google Introduces 360-Degree Video Ads On YouTube

360-degree video for YouTube was introduced earlier this year, giving users the ability to move their phones or mouse cursors to shift their POV in any direction. Within a short time major advertisers such as Coca-Cola and Nike began using the new technology to create videos for their YouTube channels with the hopes of achieving greater customer engagement.

Based on initial feedback from the videos that were posted, viewers are more likely to watch a video in its entirety when they can control the direction the camera is facing. A 360-degree Coca-Cola video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their curvy bottle had a 36% higher view-through rate than the standard, single viewpoint video.

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AdWords Express Android App Goes Material In Version 2.0

AdWords Express is an express version of AdWords that lets you set up and track ad campaigns from a mobile phone without spending too much time. It's not one of Google's core apps, so it's only now getting material design. Still, that's plenty reason to give version 2.0 a look. You know, a brief one, right before getting back to work.

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[APK Teardown] YouTube v10.25 Hints At Voice-Activated Playback Controls, Shows Signs Of Life For Ad-Free Subscription, And More

After the launch of Music Key in November, we've had good reason to expect quite a bit from YouTube. We've seen things like 60 fps live streaming, 360-degree videos with cardboard support, and big updates to the Kids and Creator Studio apps – and that's just some of the stuff from the last two months. We also know there's plenty still to come, particularly an ad-free subscription model. The latest update doesn't seem to deliver any new features, not unless Google is planning to flip a switch server-side, but it gives a few hints about what to expect in the future.

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Facebook's New Ad Manager App For Android Lets You Peddle Your Wares Across The Social Network Using Your Phone

Facebook is free because it makes its money off ads, otherwise known as the attempts to sell you things based off all the personal information you and your friends pump into the social network. Well, those ads don't just pop up out of the nothingness of the web. Someone creates and pays for them. Now with Facebook's latest app, said someones can do that from their mobile devices.


The Facebook Ad Manager is aimed at small and medium business owners who want to reach out to the people in their areas. It provides the tools to see how many people an ad reaches and whether anyone clicked.

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Google Aims To Improve Ad Experience By Eliminating Accidental Clicks

If you're a user, accidentally clicking an ad on a mobile site or in the middle of a game is frustrating. If you're an advertiser, accidental clicks lead to lower conversion rates. Accidental clicks are just bad all the way around.

To that end, Google is introducing new mechanisms to prevent as many accidental clicks as possible.

First, Google is blocking clicks that happen close to the edge of the ad image.

Second, Google will block clicks on app icons for in-app interstitial ads, so you won't need high precision to hit the little X button and return to your game.

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HTC Confirms Ads Are Coming To BlinkFeed, But You'll Be Able To Opt Out

A recent post from @Upleaks claimed that ads were coming to HTC BlinkFeed, but the company had nothing to say at the time. Today it's official—BlinkFeed will have native ads as part of a pilot program in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan, and China. If you're bummed about that, it's not the end of the world. You will be able to opt out.


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[Update: Changelog Posted] Play Newsstand 3.4 Rolls Out With Some UI Tweaks, Information Sharing With Publishers, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

It seems like forever since we've talked about an update to Newsstand, but we get to change that with today's bump to version 3.4. In terms of user-facing features, this release is essentially focused on visual changes. Adjustments have been made to the navigation drawer, some icons, and at least one button. The potentially bigger news comes via a teardown that reveals Newsstand will enable customers to share details and verify their subscriptions with publishers, and that Google may be testing in-content advertisements for some content.

What's New

Changelog Posted

It's been a few days, but Google just posted the changelog to Newsstand 3.4, and it looks like a lot of algorithm changes.

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YouTube Is Getting Ready To Offer An Ad-Free Subscription Option

Advertising is a necessary evil. If you look around this very page, you'll see ads that keep Android Police afloat. (Unless you're blocking them, in which case you owe me a beer for every paragraph you read.) Google knows its way around ads - that's how an incredibly expensive, bandwidth-intensive video service like YouTube makes money. But if you could skip the annoying commercials before your videos, even the 5 second blips that require an extra click, would you? You'll probably have that option soon.


Tired of seeing these?

A recent email sent to active YouTube channel operators says that Google is getting ready to implement a subscription-based, advertising-free option.

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