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Google Expanding 'Ad-Supported' Labels To All Apps, Developers Must Update Listings By January 11th, 2016

Google announced a badge to make users aware of ad-supported apps in the "Designed for Families" program at I/O this year (see what that looks like above). Now, all apps will be subject to the same requirement going forward. Developers are getting email notifications of the change right now, and they have until January 11th to log in and state whether or not an app has ads.

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Firefox Updated To v42 With Tracking Protection (Basically An Ad-Blocker)

Google rolls out new versions of Chrome all the time, but Mozilla is no slouch when it comes to Firefox. Version 42 of Firefox is hitting the stable channel with a number of important changes and improvements, but right at the top of the list is a revamped private browsing mode with a feature called Tracking Protection. It's basically a built-in ad-blocker.

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Ad-Free 'YouTube Red' Launching In The US On October 28th For $9.99 With Free Play Music Subscription [Update]

The day we've been waiting for is finally here—the ad-free YouTube Red service is a reality. Well, technically it will be a reality in a week on October 28th (close to the date we had before), but we've got all the details now. For $9.99 per month you'll never see another ad on YouTube, and it includes a number of other cool perks.

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Amazon Underground, The Revamped Appstore That Offers Paid Apps And Features For Free, Will Be Supported By Ads That Play When You Open Up Apps

When Amazon announced Underground, the remodeled Appstore that features the ability to play paid and freemium games (as well as other apps) for free, I immediately raised the question of how they planned to make money on this venture. Users obviously benefited by getting free stuff and certain developers would make more money since Amazon compensates them on a per-minutes-used basis. But where was the cash flow to Amazon?

A deeper dive into their developer documentation gives a clue. The following comes under a heading labeled "Interstitial Advertisements":

When a user launches an Amazon Underground app for the first time, a welcome message in the form of an interstitial ad plays.

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Hulu Announces A More Expensive Commercial-Free Streaming Tier

Commercials on Hulu getting on your nerves? Now there's a way to skip them, provided you're willing to pay a little more each month. Hulu has announced a commercial-free version of the service that will cost $11.99 per month rather than the usual $7.99.

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Samsung Appears To Be Pushing Notification Ads To Some Users

Have you heard? Samsung has announced new phones. In case you have not heard, here's an ad in your notification shade. It looks like this has happened to at least a few people thanks to the Samsung Push Service. In a separate incident, I myself have been served an ad by the bundled Peel remote app. Is nothing sacred anymore, Samsung?

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-08-20-10-18-46 nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-08-20-10-18-51 nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-08-20-10-22-32

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AdSense Gets Material Makeover, Spiffy Icon, More Report Types, New Metrics, And Custom Date Ranges In Version 3.0 [APK Download]

Most of us are more familiar with seeing ads than managing them, but those with Google AdSense accounts will be pleased to know that the latest version of the Android app has gone material. And that's just the beginning.

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[Hugely Tacky Conduct] HTC Pushed A Fantastic Four Notification Ad To The One M8 And M9

HTC has been experimenting with alternative revenue streams lately, and it was already walking a fine line. Ads started showing up in BlinkFeed a few weeks ago, but users could disable them. Now a large number of One M8 and M9 users have been served an ad in the notification shade. It was promoting a Fantastic Four movie theme, and people are not happy at all.

2015-08-04 14.27.05 2015-08-04 14.28.43

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Google Play Search Ads Are About To Get More In Your Face As Google Expands Availability To All Advertisers

Google started showing a few ads in the Play Store phone client earlier this year, but the feature has been in testing this whole time. Play Store ads are now available to all interested parties, so get ready to see a lot more of them.

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Google Contributor Is Now Open To Everyone In The US, Subscribe To Hide Some Ads And Throw The Sites You Love A Buck

After having been available to some users as a beta for over half a year, Google Contributor is now available to everyone in the US.

Great, now I can contribute to Google!

Eh, not quite. Google Contributor's purpose is to free you from ads. Not all of them, mind you, but some. Pay $2 - $10 a month to remove anywhere from 5 - 50% of those banners and animated squares you see on the web. This money then provides an alternate way to fund the sites you frequent.


Here's how things work in the background. Contributors become bidders on AdSense, and the ads they outbid are the ones they don't have to see.

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