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Spotify is shoving ad links with embedded promo codes into some podcast listings

Spotify has been acquiring and promoting podcasts at an aggressive rate. Now, it looks to quicken the pace on monetization by letting brands in on a new ad campaign integration it is testing for its original shows and a major expansion to its programmatic advertising technology platform.

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Samsung users are fed up with obnoxious and unwanted ads in OneUI

Nobody likes ads. But as the online world has matured, people have come to understand that certain ads are necessary to fund their favorite sites that are free to access (hello). And while it's one thing to see ads on a website, but quite another matter when they start showing up in your phone's built-in apps. That's just what's happening for a number of users with Samsung phones in the US and other regions across the globe.

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Adobe tests inserting intrusive ads in Android's share sheet and ‘Open with’ popup

When you’re a developer with a massive portfolio of apps, you’re definitely going to want to encourage your users to try out as many as possible. About a year back we spotted Microsoft trying something along those lines by shadily sneaking app advertisements into Android’s share menu if the user had installed even one of its other apps. Following in Microsoft’s footsteps, Adobe has now started testing similar install suggestions for its own range of apps.

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Chrome now testing resource-heavy ad blocking, feature could launch in August

Following last year's promises, Google is getting ready to block ads that hit a certain resource limit in Chrome, to prevent things like crypto miners or poorly-made ads from making a dent in your battery life or network use. An "experiment" for this heavy ad blocking has already started in Chrome 84, with it expected to land in Stable by the end of August.

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Google protected us from 2.7 billion nefarious ads last year

Given how much many of us depend on Google's services, its in the company's interests to ensure its platforms don't serve us bad ads that could be out to fool us. With such a sprawling portfolio of products, that's no mean feat, and in 2019 that meant a total of 2.7 billion ads blocked and removed by various teams at Google. If the scale of that is hard to fathom, it works out as 5,000 ads per minute.

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Alphabet revenues up modestly in Q1 as coronavirus sets up tough summer ahead

Alphabet managed to finish its first financial quarter a step ahead of last year, but the coronavirus pandemic will make its mark on the company in the months to come. As it makes resources available free to consumers, the company will be constricted in what it can do to respond to increased demand for its services.

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Google will soon mandate that ads disclose who paid for them and what country they're from

Google is an integral part of the modern world with products like search, Gmail, Drive, Android, and Stadia. Okay, maybe not so much that last one. The point is, Google makes a lot of things, and most of them are available free of charge. That's because Google's real business is selling ads. It has long offered tools to manage the ads you see, and it's adding a new one called identity verification. Soon, you'll be able to see information about the advertiser that's showing you an ad in just a few clicks.

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Google clears Podcast Addict of AdMob policy violation once again

Google has an annoying habit of pulling the rug out from under Android app developers. It's a story as old as Android—someone at Google decides an app violates some policy or another, and the developer has to scramble to figure out how to comply with the esoteric app guidelines. The latest victim is Podcast Addict, an app that has been in the Play Store for nearly a decade. Google recently decided to block most Admob ads in the app because people can download (*gasp*) adult-themed podcasts. Won't someone please think of the children?

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Google is killing 'rewarded product' developer ad program

Early last year, Google rolled out a new monetization method for developers to take advantage of in their apps. The woefully non-descriptive "rewarded products" allowed for things like watching videos to get in-game currency or extra lives — you get the idea. For simplicity, it was built right into the Google Play Billing Library, but Google has just announced that it will be deprecating the feature on April 21st, 2020, about two months from now.

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Chrome promises to block ads on sites with annoying videos

Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group intended to make online advertising less annoying, back in 2017. The news made headlines because Google also revealed that it would potentially block any advertising in Chrome that violated the group's ad guidelines. While there never seemed to be any high-profile takedowns, and there are still countless sites that violate the existing standards, the group has now created new rules for video ads.

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