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Super adorable and smart puzzler Splitter Critters debarks on the Play Store

I have a weakness for adorable puzzlers. Mix some colorful environments, smart gameplay mechanics, and a cute creature that makes hilarious sounds, and I'm smitten for hours. That said, it's a miracle that I was even able to put my phone down to write this post. Splitter Critters is just kryptonite for me. As Alex and Penny would say, "OMG cute, so cute, supa cute(...) Suh cyuht!"

You're in charge of those small adorable blue critters in Splitter Critters and you need to guide them back to their spaceship. They're alien critters and they seem to be lost, it's just your duty as a human to help them.

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Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack Fills Your Homescreen With Adorable Googly-Eyed Apps


PowerbyGen Introduces Andra, Making Device Charging 'Somehow More Rosy'

Andru, PowerbyGen's hit device charger based on our favorite robot, is unquestionably the most adorable adapter you'll ever see. Since his debut last year, Andru has been joined by white and dark versions and international accessories.

Today, PowerbyGen has expanded the family with Andra, a "more graceful" alternative to "her hunkier companions."

If you're familiar with Andru, you already know what you'll be getting with Andra: a pink version of the charger, with pose-able arms, a stand, and light-up eyes. To contrast with her pink exterior, Andra's eyes light up green.


Like her green counterpart, Andra will cost you $25, with EU and UK adapters (in green) running $6.99 each.

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New Nexus 7 Video Features A Curious Little Girl, Yanks Fiercely On Your Heartstrings

Google's not pulling any punches this time around with its ads for its newest Nexus device. When it's not physically invading one of the most visited sites on the internet, the Nexus 7 can be found in some adorable videos that play to every one of your sappiest emotions. Take this newest ad, featuring a five-ish-year-old girl reading Curious George, and planning her trip to the moon. (No one tell her just yet, okay?)

The video follows its predecessor entitled Camping in the marketing style of "Look at this! Isn't this adorable?!" It also demonstrates one of the primary features of the Nexus 7: it's tossability.

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