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Adobe Releases Illustrator Draw And Capture CC Apps In The Play Store

Ah, Adobe. You can't turn around without Adobe either discontinuing or releasing another app that fits somehow into its complicated product ecosystem. Today we're getting Android versions of Illustrator Draw and an app called Capture CC. The functionality of this one isn't technically new—it's an amalgamation of three other apps, which are being phased out.


Adobe Releases Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Color CC, And Shape CC On The Play Store

Adobe, would you just pick a version of Photoshop for Android and stick with it? After unceremoniously dumping the conventional image editor Photoshop Touch last month and leaving us with the more Instagram-style Photoshop Express, Adobe has now released Photoshop Mix on the Play Store after a period of iOS exclusivity. This app is more powerful than Express, but less powerful than Touch, and attempts to bring a more manageable interface to phones.

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Adobe Announces It's Discontinuing Photoshop Touch And Releasing Three New 'Capture' Apps [Update: Photoshop Mix Coming To Android Too]

Adobe brought the stripped down Photoshop experience to Android tablets back in 2011, and added a version for phones in 2013. In a blog post today, the company says the all-in-one approach doesn't make as much sense. Therefore, Adobe will be releasing three new "capture" apps called Color CC, Brush CC, and Shape CC. The classic Photoshop Touch apps are being discontinued and will be pulled from the Play Store on May 28th.

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Lightroom Mobile Updated To v1.1 With RAW Support, Tablet Compatibility, And MicroSD Card Support

Adobe released Lightroom Mobile on Android a few months back, but at the time there were some baffling gaps in the feature set. Today's update fills in a few of the missing pieces, but you'll still need a Creative Cloud subscription to use it. Don't expect that to change any time soon.


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Adobe Reader Becomes Acrobat Document Cloud, Android App Gets Its First Major Redesign

Adobe Acrobat has been around since the 90s, and its PDF format went on to become the standard way of exchanging documents over the web. Eventually Adobe made the file type open source and competitors began to bring their own innovations to the table, but the company's software remains the most widely adopted way to interact with PDFs.

Last month Adobe announced that it would soon launch Document Cloud, a cross-platform solution that expands to mobile devices some of the features previously only found on desktop clients.

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Adobe's Fill & Sign Makes It Easy To Digitize And Fill Out Tedious Forms

The dream of the 1990s was a paperless office, a digital wonderland where no one would ever have to change a toner cartridge again. That, um, didn't work out - for the love of Pete, some of you still have fax machines. For all those annoying times when the old dead tree world intersects with your online life, Adobe has created Fill & Sign, an app that lets you easily digitize and automatically fill in paperwork.

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Adobe's Lightroom Mobile Comes To Android

It's no secret that Adobe hasn't exactly done a stellar job at keeping parity between its collection of apps for iOS and Android. iOS users, for instance, enjoy Adobe Illustrator Line and Draw, Color CC, Premiere Clip, Brush CC, and many more that have yet to see the light of day on the Play Store.

It isn't all bad news, though - today, Adobe is bringing Lightroom Mobile to Android. The app actually has a couple of cool things to offer, but before we take a look, there are a few caveats that should definitely be mentioned.

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[Update: Make That Early 2015] Aviary Now Has An Updated Look, And Its Complete Set Of Photo Editing Add-Ons Are Free Until The 30th (But You Can Keep Them Forever)

Update: All Aviary add-ons were originally free with the use of an Adobe ID until November 30th. Now that date appears to have been pushed back until early 2015. If you didn't jump on this offer before, it looks like you have at least another month to do so.

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Adobe Releases Creative Cloud Preview For Android To View And Manage Cloud-Based Files (Including PSD And AI)

Adobe's latest Android creation is Creative Cloud (preview), a file management tool connected - as the name suggests - to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

For those unaware, Creative Cloud wraps up Adobe's effort to transition to a subscription-based service model, providing updates to the Creative Cloud suite of software (which replaced Creative Suite), and online services to aid in collaboration and file/asset management. A free CC membership includes trial access to Adobe's creative tools and 2GB of cloud storage.

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Adobe, Google Announce 'Streaming' Photoshop For Chrome OS, Open Application Process For Testers

In a bit of non Android-related news that we just couldn't pass up, Adobe and Google have announced "Project Photoshop Streaming" for Chrome OS, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Adobe is looking to bring access to its Creative Suite Creative Cloud suite of products to Chromebook users, and the journey begins with Photoshop.


Before you get too excited, there are a few caveats. First, you've got to apply to be a tester.

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