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Adobe tests inserting intrusive ads in Android's share sheet and ‘Open with’ popup

When you’re a developer with a massive portfolio of apps, you’re definitely going to want to encourage your users to try out as many as possible. About a year back we spotted Microsoft trying something along those lines by shadily sneaking app advertisements into Android’s share menu if the user had installed even one of its other apps. Following in Microsoft’s footsteps, Adobe has now started testing similar install suggestions for its own range of apps.

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Adobe Scan updated to better capture forms, business cards, and more

There is no shortage of applications for scanning documents into PDF files Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office Lens, and CamScanner are just a few. Adobe created its own scanner app in 2017, which offers integration with Acrobat Reader and the company's cloud storage. An update has just been released that makes the app even more powerful, with new modes and other features.

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Adobe releases Adobe Scan, supports text recognition and works with Document Cloud

There is no shortage of document scanning apps on the Play Store, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Lens. But if you aren't happy with those options, or if you frequently use Adobe Document Cloud, then Adobe's new scanning app might be worth trying out.

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