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YouTube's Completely Ad-Free Subscription Likely To Launch October 22nd With The Name YouTube Red

We all know YouTube has been planning to launch a completely ad-free subscription, but the details have been sorely lacking on things like how much it will cost, what will be included, and when it will launch. There may finally be some answers in a report by Recode that points to October 22nd as a probable launch date. The subscription is expected to run for $10 / month and would completely remove all paid advertising from YouTube and include the current benefits of Google Play Music Unlimited.

Rumors about a premium service option have circulated for years, particularly after the first report of a music-focused streaming subscription surfaced, which ultimately became YouTube Music Key.

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Zynga Releases Scramble With Friends Deluxe For $0.99, Removes Ads And Lets You Earn Tokens Twice As Fast

Your down time is Zynga's bread and butter. Between Words with, Hanging with, and Scramble with Friends, Zynga has a pretty big monopoly on your social gaming. Today, the casual gaming giant is building out new territory in your world with a paid version of Scramble with Friends. This version removes those pesky ads and also doubles your token-earning fun. These tokens, by the way, are not the worst thing in the world.

scrambled1 scrambled2 scrambled3

If you're unfamiliar with how tokens work in Scramble with Friends, you earn one token, required to play one game, every twenty minutes. While this is annoying, especially for a paid app, it does also kind of force users to take a break.

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