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Chrome 68 will make annoying 'Add to Home screen' banners less conspicuous

Since the version 42 beta, Chrome for Android has included a pop-up banner allowing you to add a website shortcut (or Progressive Web App) to the home screen of your phone for easier access. While useful, the banner is unfortunately rather obtrusive, taking up too much space on the screen and getting in the way of the content you're trying to view. Thankfully, Chrome's developers have a solution to this problem.

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Firefox 58 will let you add Progressive Web Apps to the home screen

In case you aren't familiar with them, Progressive Web Apps are web apps tailored to function like native applications. They're designed to be fast and work offline, with the ability to be added to the home screen. Chrome has been leading the charge on PWAs for a while now, most recently allowing them to be installed to the app drawer, just like native applications.

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