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Android Q's Adaptive sleep placeholder now 'Screen attention' in Android Q Beta 4

You may remember the "Adaptive sleep" option that was spotted back with Android Q Beta 3. At the time, Google told us it was a placeholder for Android OEMs to use. According to some digging through the recent Android Q Beta 4 images by the folks at XDA Developers, the feature is now called "Screen attention," and it has picked up a new animation to go with it — that's an awful lot of work for Google to make on an OEM placeholder.

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[Update: OEM placeholder] Adaptive Sleep on Android Q Beta 3 aims to keep your phone awake while you're looking at it, but it's incomplete

When I set up a new device, I always increase the screen timeout to a minute or two — otherwise my screen frequently turns off when I'm reading articles. Android Q Beta 3 might have the solution to this, in the form of 'Adaptive Sleep.'

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