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Nova Launcher beta adds Android 11's quirky flower and hexagon icon shapes (APK download)

Nova Launcher continues to be one of the fastest third-party app launchers to get inspiration from the latest Pixel changes. In its most recent beta version, Nova has implemented the Pixel's upcoming flower and hexagon adaptive icon, which have only recently appeared in Android 11 Developer Preview 4.

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Spotify made the worst possible adaptive icon for Android

It's been two years since Android O introduced adaptive icons, and many apps and developers have yet to get with the program. You look at your homescreen and app drawer and realize that even though you're using a circular or square or teardrop mask, some apps keep whatever icon shape they wanted. Until recently, Spotify was one of those. Now the app is rolling out an adaptive icon and it's... exactly what we don't want.

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Hangouts v27 upgrades to an adaptive icon, teases Mark as Read from notifications [APK Teardown]

Updates to the Hangouts app have been sporadic this year with big gaps in the earlier months, and new ones coming out about every month or two since I/O. Most new versions also seem to be lacking in any tangible changes, though that doesn't preclude bug fixes or other behind the scenes improvements. However, the latest update does show some signs of life.

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Chase app update adds adaptive icon, app shortcuts, a revised UI, and more

If you've got a Chase account, you may have noticed quite a few changes to the Android app within the past few days. Those include an adaptive icon, app shortcuts, and an updated interface with a lot more functionality.

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Facebook Messenger has finally added an adaptive icon

Sometimes we report ground-breaking, interesting, and engaging news here on Android Police, but you all know that we don't shy away from the fluff either. And in that vein, we're here today to discuss a small, but very significant(TM) change in the Facebook Messenger app: following Instagram, it now has an adaptive icon too. It only took one year!

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WhatsApp beta adds an adaptive launcher icon

Some changes are a little subtle, but this one seems to have made an impact as we've received not one, not two, but six tips so far about WhatsApp's icon in the latest 2.18.74 beta. So either you guys hated that WhatsApp didn't conform to your chosen launcher icon shape and were impatient for it to look the same as your other homescreen icons, either you have a little too much time on your hands. It could also be that WhatsApp rarely changes its identity and it's been years since this icon first showed up, replacing the older more shadowy one.

But that's really all there is to it.

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