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Haters Still Get The Bird In Extended Version Of Google's 'Wear What You Want' Spot

Just before Apple's "Spring Forward" watch event last week, Google released a quick, fun, 17-second spot to promote its own wearable offerings, keeping with Android's new tagline "be together, not the same" by demonstrating that Android Wear watches already come in all sorts of shapes so you can "wear what you want."

Today, Google has released a full minute-long version of the spot, with even more watches and even more dancing. The video uses Shamir's On the Regular as a soundtrack, and features a ton of talented dancers including Dytto, Brian Smith, and dancers from StatusSilver.

"Whether you tut, pop, rock or robot," there's no denying Google's executed a creative, eye-catching spot that fits really well with Android's new brand message.

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[What Apple Watch Event?] Google Releases Catchy 17-Second Android Wear Ad

Apple has a big event scheduled to kick off whenever the hour, with folks looking forward to learning more about upcoming MacBooks and the Apple Watch. The latter will be a first-generation device, Apple's long-awaited debut into the wearables market.

But forget about that product for a moment and remember that, whatever the headlines, Apple's watch will hardly be the only decent smartwatch in town. Google has just released a short commercial showing consumers that Android Wear is a thing and that its watches are cool.

The 17-second commercial features plenty of young people wearing various circular and square watches all sporting different faces.

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Android's Heart-Warming Young Together Ad Shows The Youthful Nature Of People Across All Ages

There's no beating the adorably cute Friends Furever Android commercial, but Google can still try to bring some "oh" and "awww" into more ads for its platform. This new Be Together, Not The Same video is all about people from various age groups using their Android phones and tablets for fun and youthful stuff.

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Google Goes For Record Lack Of Android Mentions In Latest 'Be Together' Ads

When Google kicked off its Be Together, Not The Same campaign, it started off with Androidified characters just being generally adorable. This month, the company has decided it doesn't need to make any references to Android, phones, tablets, or devices of any kind in order to sell its products. Google handles most of our searches, and it knows nothing draws eyeballs like cute animals doing cute animal-y things.

Now it's released another ad that's nearly as absent of tech as the last. This one is all about handshakes and the many different ways people of various ages and backgrounds come up with giving each other dap.

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Think Most Carriers Are Vultures? This T-Mobile Data Stash Ad Agrees

We in the US have a love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with our cell phone providers. Even when they do manage to provide us with decent coverage, they tend to be real jerks about it, charging us high base prices along with added fees for anything they can get away with. And at the end of each month, they eat away whatever data is left unused, like vultures.


T-Mobile has released a Data Stash ad (no, not that one) that pounces on that last issue in particular. Following an Un-carrier announcement made at the end of 2014, the magenta carrier lets you build up your unused data over the course of a year, so that if you have a slow month in March, you can reap the benefits in April and May.

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Moto Goes Behind The Scenes In One More Promo Video For New Lineup

Now that we've seen new videos for the Moto 360, Moto Hint, and the new Moto X and G, there's one more promo video to watch - this one, revolving around the "Choose Choice" tagline, gives some behind-the-scenes looks at the "choices" that went into the other videos, including some of the construction work that went into the crazy set used in the other four videos. Like the other videos, it's around a minute long, so it's worth checking out while we wait for more updates to Motorola's website. Conveniently, the video includes YouTube annotations linking to the other product videos we've already covered.

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Motorola Will Run An Interactive Moto X Print Ad In Select Copies Of January's Wired Magazine [Video]

Motorola has done many things right this year. The Moto X was an innovative phone that emphasized build quality and a handful of features - the opposite of Samsung's approach. The "Lazy Phone" ad campaign that accompanied it was humorous, informative, and memorable - something that can't be said for HTC's. The company has even released many of its exclusive apps into the Play Store to provide speedier updates, including the boring ones.

Now the Google-owned company is trying to innovate in a different way, by debuting a fully interactive physical ad in upcoming edition of Wired Magazine.

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[APK Teardown / What's Really New] Gmail 4.6: Ads Are Coming To Gmail For Android, Unsent Messages Warning, And More

Now that the insane week of Google app updates has passed (gotta love those Rollout Wednesdays, right?), I've had some time to dig into the APKs and have found a number of interesting things in some of them.

We'll start with Gmail, which received a fairly significant Card UI update with version 4.6.


Ads are coming to Gmail

The most significant under-the-hood and probably not active yet addition to Gmail 4.6 is ads. Yup, ads are most definitely coming to Gmail for Android which managed to stay ad-free all this time, unlike its web counterpart.

If you remember, Gmail on the web contains multiple ads along with the new format that looks like email messages in the Promotions folder.

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New Moto X "Lazy Phone" Ad Shows How Other Smartphones Could Leave You Stranded Up The Creek Without A Paddle

So the Moto X "Lazy Phone" ads are the best smartphone-related ones out right now. They're both funny and memorable, which is basically 90% of what a commercial really needs to be a success. The remaining 10% consists of reasons to choose one product over another. The original Lazy Phone videos showed how competitors' phones could ruin a romantic night, cause you to miss taking a photo of your child's stellar performance, or be the person whose phone won't stop buzzing during a meeting. Another one highlighted the advantage of using Moto Maker over other means of phone customization. Now a fifth ad shows how using a competing phone could, quite literally, leave you stranded up a creek.

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Motorola Teases The Moto X Like A Boss, Launches Patriotic Ad Before Fourth Of July

Motorola is rolling out its first ad for its upcoming Moto X tomorrow, one day before Americans kick off Independence Day celebrations. This is no coincidence. Motorola wants its Made-In-The-USA smartphone to stir patriotism in the hearts of consumers across the country. Yet that is just the beginning. Not only is the company pushing the Moto X as the first smartphone designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, it's calling it the first smartphone that you can design yourself. If you're an American, this statement skips over platitudes of individual liberty and hits you straight in the gut. How can you not want to buy this phone?

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