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Samsung's powerful Oscars ad features Casey Neistat and a bunch of other YouTubers

Samsung is nowhere near inexperienced in the marketing/advertising area, and neither is filmmaker and ex-vlogger Casey Neistat. For around a year now, the two have been working together to make the South Korean brand seem more appealing to younger folks, and this Oscars ad is a culmination of all that.

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Google makes a witty and endearing Google Photos ad for the Oscars

The world is all eyes and ears today for one of the most important events that take place each year. Oh, you think I'm talking about MWC in Barcelona? Ha, neeeeerd! No, I'm talking about the 89th Academy Awards ceremony which celebrates the best in film for the past year. But for Google, the real award belongs to you and your shots and creations.

El Goog has started its Oscars campaign with a couple of tweets (1 and 2) saying that regardless of who's the big winner in the ceremony, the award for Best Picture belongs to you. That was followed up with a 1-minute video ad for Google Photos already posted on YouTube and likely to be aired during the ceremony tonight, but maybe only in its shorter version.

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Google releases advertisement for Pixel phones in Canada, hours before the event

Apparently, Google couldn't wait a few more hours for their own event (9am PDT in California, by the way) and decided to leak their own phones via an advertisement in Canada. The ad is a minute long and doesn't show us much that we didn't know, save for an interesting URL at the end.

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Google's latest Photos ad highlights a bunch of features, is awesome

Google Photos' advertising team has been on fire lately. First, there was that ad about how you won't miss important moments with Photos' "Free up space" feature. Then, there was the one about how even if you jump into a pool, your photos will be safe thanks to auto backup. Now, there's one called "Photos. For Life." that talks about the features the previous two discussed, and more.

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Google releases new ad that highlights Photos' auto backup capabilities

About a week ago, Google released an advertisement about how Google Photos would prevent us from missing the important moments with its "Free up space" feature. The commercial was a big hit - it had to be, considering it was played before videos on YouTube and it aired during the Olympics. For some extra Photos publicity, Google's official Instagram page also released a short video with a generic slab of a phone (with an iOS prompt, mind you) that some crazies thought was an unreleased HTC Nexus. Now, Google has released another ad for Google Photos.

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Google Releases A Google Now On Tap Ad That's Actually Good And Informative

Google Now on Tap was arguably the highlight feature of Android Marshmallow. With the press of a finger, your phone or tablet would attempt to predict what you wanted to do with information available on screen. That's the glowy, abstract description anyway. What does it actually do? Well this new ad recently published to Google's YouTube channel gives a pretty clear idea.

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Running Low On Battery When Ordering Pizza Or Grocery Shopping? ASUS Proposes You Speed Rap Or Buy A Zenfone Max

What do you do when your phone is running low on battery and you must make a phone call because the wife expects you to do some grocery shopping before you get home or because your tummy has started rumbling and your only path to salvation is through the gooey cheese-stuffed crusts of a pepperoni pizza?

Well, you either whip out your speed rapping skills that you innately acquired that very moment to blast through an entire conversation in a few seconds, or you wish you were using an ASUS Zenfone Max with its 5000mAh battery to never, ever, have that problem in the first place.

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T-Mobile Releases 30-Second Super Bowl Ad About How Other Carriers Would Butcher Drake's Hotline Bling

Headline says it all. Here's the ad.

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Motorola's Latest Commercial For The New Moto G Is Actually Pretty Hilarious

As we know, most smartphone commercials are, at best, OK. Many are less than OK, and some are just downright awful (see also: HTC-RDJ). Apple manages to score a hit every once in a while, but even their ads can come off as corny and contrived (or just boastful) sometimes.

Perhaps the greatest unicorn of all in smartphone advertising is a legitimately chuckle-worthy commercial. They're rare beasts, and even if that chuckle is from a completely WTF place (see: G Flex, ad sadly taken down), a laugh is a positive reaction. Usually. Anyway, Motorola made this new commercial for the Moto G and we all thought it was pretty funny.

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HTC Does The Impossible - Creates New Ad More Cringeworthy Than The Hipster Troll Carwash

Do you remember that kid in high school that really wanted to be popular? He wasn't as athletically gifted or as attractive as his friends, and, even with his expensive clothes and his designer (Gorilla) glasses, he just didn't get the attention and respect he felt he deserved. So, what does this guy do to get noticed? He becomes the class clown, the funny guy - Mr. Giggles. Now, a good sense of humor is a perfectly legitimate way to gain social standing and win friends so what's the problem with that? The problem is that this kid's sense of humor is just a little off and his jokes are either not funny, or distastefully inappropriate.

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