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Misfit Announces Ray, A Cylindrical Fitness And Sleep Monitor Launching This Spring

The Misfit Shine was a circular activity tracker born on Indiegogo. The product shipped in 2014, giving wearers the option to carry it around their necks or on their wrists. Then, toward the end of 2015, Fossil decided Misfit's stuff looked cool and bought the company for $260 million.

At this year's CES, Misfit, now a Fossil brand, is showing off the Ray activity tracker.

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Sony Officially Introduces The SmartBand 2 Lifelogging Wristband, Hitting Stores In September

Is a leak a leak if it comes directly from Sony? Anyway, we've had reason to know the SmartBand 2 was on its way. We've just been waiting for a time frame. Well, here it is. Today Sony has officially announced its updated fitness band. The SmartBand 2 will go on sale in 60 countries for around 119 Euro starting in September.

The big addition for this year's model is the inclusion of a heart rate monitor. This extra sensor gives the SmartBand 2 the ability to detect your pulse and gauge how quickly your heart is beating. It can then track this information as you walk, run, or workout.

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Amiigo Review: An Activity And Gym Workout Tracker With Lots Of Potential And Even More Issues

I had my eyes on Amiigo the moment it was mentioned here on Android Police back in January 2013. The promised features seemed like everything I wanted in an all-day sleep and activity tracker, especially with its waterproof design and swimming capability. See, runners and cyclists have it easy: there are dozens if not hundreds of gadgets they have been able to use for the past years to track their workouts. But swimmers, well, let's just say the choice has always been limited and it was even more so in 2013 when you wanted a smart tracker that synced with Android.

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HTC Decides Not To Release The Grip Fitness Band In Its Current Form, Plans To Launch Something Better Later This Year

Think back to this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Remember when HTC announced the Grip? It was an activity tracker that looked just like any other fitness band, particularly Microsoft's.

According to Engadget, the product was originally slated to launch in Spring, but now Summer is here, and HTC has decided not to release it at all. At least, not in the form we've seen.

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Fitbit Shares Rise 50% On First Day Of Trading, Valuing Company At Over Six Billion Dollars

You can make a lot of money producing fitness bracelets. Fitbit has gone public, and it has thoroughly exceeded expectations on its first day on the stock market. The San Francisco-based company opened and closed today with shares priced roughly 50% above its initial public offering of $20. Fitbit currently sits at $29.68 a share, leaving it with a value of over $6 billion.

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 6.42.08 PM

This is no small feat for a company that released the Flex in 2013 and has followed up with only a few variations since then (including one that was later recalled). Fitbit continues to hold on to more of the activity tracking market than any of its competitors, including the likes of Jawbone, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

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Sony Releases Official Companion App For The Unannounced SmartBand 2, Shows Off Heart Rate Sensor

Sony hasn't officially announced a second iteration of its SmartBand activity tracker, but it doesn't have to. It's already done the next best thing. Today it has launched a new companion app into the Play Store that's simply titled SmartBand 2.

The images from the listing give us an idea of what to expect. There's a heart rate monitor on the underside of the band, and one of the screenshots reads: The SmartBand measures your pulse at an even rate through out the day. There's also a "smart wake up" feature to provide you with a smoother start to your morning.

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Quick Thoughts On Misfit: The Low Maintenance, Less Involved Activity Trackers And Platform

You can imagine that running around the CES show floor for someone who has been fascinated (as well as convinced and positively influenced) by wearable activity trackers felt like breaking free inside a candy factory. Dozens if not hundreds of brands were vying for everyone's attention and a share of the pie in the tiny wearable market, and I had to check most of the intriguing and known ones to see what they had to offer.  Among the hundreds of displays, from the companies I'd never heard of to the recognizable brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings, one surprised me the most: Misfit.

I knew the Indiegogo origin story of Misfit — which translated into skepticism in my mind —  and I'd read about its Shine tracker and simpler/cheaper Flash version, but I wasn't completely convinced by the quality nor the premise of the brand.

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Fitbit Starts Shipping The Charge HR And Surge Fitness Bands, Introduces A Few New Features For Existing Users

Towards the end of March, Fitbit announced the Charge HR and Surge, new additions to its activity-tracking family. The Charge HR is an enhanced version of the Charge, just with a heart rate monitor added on (clever). The Surge is the Cadillac version that comes with a giant, black and white touch screen. The former goes for $149.99, while the latter goes for a hundred bucks more. Both are now shipping in North America, which a global release soon to follow.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 at 4.15.30 PM

Fitbit is also adding a few enhancements to its fitness platform. Soon owners will be able to link up to five trackers to a single account.

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Jawbone Debuts The $50 Entry-Level 'UP MOVE' Activity Tracker And $180 'UP3' Fitness Band

If you want to wear something that can provide a rough estimate of how active you are each day, there are no shortage of options. Now Jawbone is giving consumers two more. The company has announced a couple of activity trackers that it hopes will appeal to different types of people, with one of them showing off some rather advanced tech.

For starters, we have the $49.99 UP MOVE, an entry-level alternative to Jawbone's fitness bands. It's a circular device that fits into a clip, which you can then tuck somewhere along your belt, pants, or bra. The UP3 has features comparable to the company's UP and UP24 bands, so buyers can still sync it up to the same Android app.

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Fitbit Announces A Wave Of New Fitness Trackers: The Charge, Charge HR, And Surge

After reports of skin rashes pushed Fitbit to recall its Force activity tracker at the beginning of this year, the company is now ready to bring the product's replacement to market. It's called the Charge, and it's joined by two other fitness bracelets packing more features and a higher cost.

The Charge comes with largely the same look and capabilities as the Force it replaces, providing the ability to track steps, follow sleep patterns, count floors climbed, see calories burned, and know who's calling. That's not to say that things are entirely the same. The Charge can track sleep automatically, which is a significant improvement over initiating the process manually (assuming it's reliable).

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