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Fitbit Flex 2 review: Fitbit jumps in the pool for the first time and doesn't drown

For the past 4 years, I've been wearing a Fitbit device of some sort. I started with the One, which stuck with me for the better part of 3 years, then I tried the Blaze, the Alta, and the Charge 2. My main complaint with each of these trackers was the lack of water-resistance, which meant that I couldn't wear them in the pool or track my swims with them. I've tried several swim trackers including the Misfit Shine 2 Swim Edition and Amiigo, looking for something that could replace Fitbit, but the best that I found was the Garmin vivoactive, which has excellent swim tracking and can send the main stats to Fitbit through MyFitnessPal.

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[Update: Another 15% off] Deal Alert: Various Fitbit models, including the new Charge 2 and Flex 2 are $20 to $70 off

Want to get a jump-start on your New Year's resolutions? Or maybe you want to help a friend or family member do so? What about just providing them with more incentive to stay active? Or, you know, they could already have an activity tracker that is getting a bit long in the tooth. Now's a good time to jump on the Fitbit bandwagon as there are deals for different models all over the web.

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Fitbit Charge 2 review: The best all-around activity tracker, despite heated competition

When I reviewed the Fitbit Blaze a few months ago, one of my main complaints was its bulky design and the identity crisis over what it actually is: a smartwatch, a sports watch, a fitness tracker, or all of the above to a certain extent. That was never a question with the company's best selling tracker, the Charge HR. From the first look, you knew it was an activity tracker first and foremost, and anything else that it could do was just a bonus feature.

Now the Charge 2 is here to carry the torch. It's an all-around better Charge HR with several significant improvements that nearly put it on the same level as the higher priced Blaze.

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Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition review: Still the easiest activity tracker to use, but not by a large stride

If you've read my previous activity tracker reviews here on Android Police, you'd know that I'm still trying to find one that suits my needs, especially when it comes to swim tracking. I've had the Fitbit One and Blaze, Pebble, Amiigo, Misfit Shine and Flash, Garmin vivoactiv, not to count a few Android Wear watches. What I have come to rely on though is the One for everyday wear, the Blaze for exercise and sleep, and the vivoactiv for swims and hikes. It is definitely not an ideal system: I have to make sure all of these are charged when I need them and I keep on taking one off and putting another on as I go through my day.

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Fitbit announces the Charge 2 with Multi-Sport and interchangeable bands, Flex 2 with swim tracking (Hallelujah!)

Those of you who have read my review of the Fitbit Blaze or my other activity tracker articles (Misfit, Amiigo) know that I'm a huge fan of Fitbit and I'm also a frequent casual swimmer. Unfortunately, that hobby and my favorite activity tracker of 3+ years could not co-exist previously because Fitbit never had a swim-proof tracker. Sure, you could, theoretically wear one of its recent trackers while taking a shower or a quick swim, which I did with my Blaze last week by mistake without any harm to it, but it's neither condoned nor guaranteed to still work afterward.

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Polar M600 is a new sporty Android Wear smartwatch with GPS, Smart Coaching, and all-day tracking

Android Wear watches fall into a couple of categories: lifestyle watches that try to be a bit of everything for everyone, stylish watches that want to appeal to the classy geek, and sports watches that cater to the active types. The latter category has seen the Moto 360 Sport, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Nixon Mission, and is now gaining one more candidate: the Polar M600.

Coming from a company known for its heart rate monitors and activity trackers, the M600 is a bit of a hybrid between a smartwatch and an activity tracker, and it might be the first one we've seen that mixes both equally without sacrificing a lot on either front.

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Fitbit Blaze review: A great activity tracker that looks like a smartwatch, wants to be a sports watch, and is neither

Activity trackers are not miracle workers. Wearing a Fitbit isn't going to make you healthier, just like buying a piano for the living room won't make you a pianist. They're not going to force you to take a run instead of eating bags of Doritos while binge watching House of Cards for an entire weekend, and they're not magic pills that will do the hard work for you.

Activity trackers, however, are invaluable tools and immense help if you really want to get healthier and/or stay healthy. If you have already made the decision to be more active and it isn't just a spur of the moment, short-lived resolution, then activity trackers can be one more weapon in your arsenal.

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Fitbit Adds MobileTrack On The Nexus 5X And 6P: Track Your Activities Without Any Fitbit Hardware

I have had a Fitbit One for 3 years now and I couldn't be happier with that purchase or how easy it is to hook on my bra and leave it on all day. But what if you don't have a Fitbit and want to check the platform to see if it could work for you? Or what if your Fitbit stops working for some reason and you're awaiting a replacement, or you're switching from an old Fitbit to a newer model, or your Fitbit's battery dies, or you simply forget it at home? Would you want to lose the activity data from those hours or days?

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Nokia Wants To Acquire French Digital Health Company Withings For 170 Million Euros

Ever since it sold off its mobile business to Microsoft and its mapping entity to a consortium of German carmakers, Nokia has been struggling to find its identity and reinvent itself amidst a changing and challenging ecosystem. Its network arm is still going strong, but the brand has lost much of, if not all of its halo when it comes to consumer-facing technologies.

Now Nokia might be looking at a new direction and an interesting way to sneak back into the market, as a digital health provider. It announced today that it wants to acquire Withings, a French company that specializes in Internet of Things products and connected health gadgets.

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Fitbit Introduces The Alta, A Motivational And Fashion-Oriented Fitness Band Coming In March (Now Up For Pre-Order)

Fitbit is crushing the activity tracking game. Just absolutely crushing it. And when a company is winning this hard, it doesn't like the idea of losing. Bigger competitors keep trying to eat its lunch. Other rivals keep trying to make something prettier. Smartphone makers think they should get in on this action. But Fitbit doesn't sweat the competition. It only sweats from all the jogging it's doing back and forth to the bank.

Fitbit has found success by releasing a bunch of products, so it's keeping that up. The company's newest thing you will soon be able to strap to your wrist is the Fitbit Alta.

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