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Gmail now has more than 1.5 billion active users

Gmail is huge. Not even three years ago, Google reported that the platform had passed a billion active users. Now the email service, still steady on its path to world domination, has announced on Twitter that it's accumulated another 500 million users, totaling 1.5 billion.

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Report: Pokémon Go usage has peaked and is now on a steady decline

Multiple mobile analytics firms have weighed in on the state of Pokémon Go, and the news could be better. Usage is down from its peak in mid-July, which you'd expect for any product that explodes like Pokémon Go. However, the trend continues to be downward for Niantic as daily active users, downloads, and time spent in the app continue to decline.

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Chrome's Number Of Monthly Active Users On Mobile Devices Has Doubled Over The Past Year

During the keynote address yesterday for this year's Chrome Dev Summit, VP of Chrome Darin Fisher shared some numbers about the mobile web browser's rate of adoption. tl;dr, people are flocking to Chrome, and fast. Over the past year, the number of 30 day active users has doubled from 400 million to 800 million.

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Google Says Android Now Has Over 1.4 Billion Active Users

Android now has over 1.4 billion active 30-day users, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai. This is an increase of at least 400 million since Google I/O back in June.

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