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DevolverDigital brings FPS classic Shadow Warrior to the Play Store

Retro PC shooter Shadow Warrior has just been released by DevolverDigital onto the Play store under the title Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. This is a port of the remastered PC version that goes by the same name. With this release, you can expect cleaned up visuals, the original two episodes of the game, and its two expansion packs - Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon. If you are any sort of first person shooter fan, this is undoubtedly the definitive version of a cult classic.

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Mercenary Kings is an Android TV 2D action game published by OUYA

It's not often we see a new game exclusive to the Android TV platform. Mercenary Kings is a 2D action game funded in 2014 on Kickstarter and originally released for Windows. The game was later ported to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and eventually released on Steam. Now Mercenary Kings has made its way over to Android TV.

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The Executive Is A New Game About Managing A Business And Doing Tedious Paperwork—Just Kidding, It's About An Executive Who Fights Werewolves

It was just another day at the office, then bam. It's suddenly werewolf central up in here. What's a well-dressed executive to do? Kick some werewolf ass, that's what. The latest game from publisher Noodlecake has a boring name (The Executive), but the gameplay is anything but.

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Google's Voice Interaction API Will Give Apps A Better Handle On Voice-Initiated Requests

Remember that "Voice Access" talk that was supposed to happen at I/O but was removed from the schedule? It turns out that, while it wasn't the full-on in-app voice craziness we had hoped for, Google did have some news about voice interactions to share.

Specifically, with Android M, Google has introduced the Voice Interaction API, which will allow apps to get a better handle on a user's voice-initiated requests. Check out the video below, by the leaders of a sandbox talk at I/O about voice actions.

The new API, as Google Search Developer Advocate Jarek Wilkiewicz explains, shouldn't be confused with custom voice actions.

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Google Has A Six-Line Solution For Developers To Allow Search Queries To Interact With Apps

Months ago, we posted a rumor about "modular actions" set to come to Google's Search app (now just called Google) along with "Ok Google Everywhere" functionality that would allow users to activate search from anywhere on their device. The latter has already been implemented, but Google is still inching toward the former. With the technically unreleased Google app, the search interface can overlay apps from which it is called, but Google today announced another step forward - the ability to let apps hook into search by accepting voice queries from the user.

The solution is a mere six lines which, when added to the AndroidManifest.xml

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[New Game] Go West, Young Man: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hits The Play Store For $6.99

We've already cruised through Liberty City and significantly lowered property values in Vice City, now it's time for a west coast vacation in San Andreas. The third Grand Theft Auto game of the PlayStation 2 era just landed on the Play Store in its blocky, polygonal, sandbox glory, and you can pick it up for a cool $6.99. No in-app purchases, no time-outs, just good old-fashioned Rockstar madness.

unnamed (53) unnamed (51) unnamed (52)

San Andreas takes the GTA action to California with a huge, fictional city amalgamating Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, and some rural backcountry that hadn't been seen in the series up to that point.

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Leaked Yahoo! Voice Assistant App Actually A Prototype By Startup Robin Labs

Earlier today, we published a first look at what we believed to be a Yahoo!-made competitor to voice assistants like Google Now and Siri. The video, sent to us by an anonymous tipster along with screenshots showed what looked to be a very impressive app with an implementation similar to Facebook's Chat Heads, whereby a Y! icon would constantly float on the home screen waiting to be activated.

This evening, TechCrunch learned through a source "familiar with Yahoo's internal projects" that the app wasn't real, implying the video was nothing more than a really nice concept demo.

The most recent news is that the app is actually real, but it isn't made by Yahoo.

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[New Game] Gameloft Releases Thor: The Dark World, A Movie Tie-In With An Uncanny Resemblance To Dungeon Hunter

We have just a week to go before the sequel to 2011's Thor hits theaters, which makes this the perfect time to drop a movie tie-in game that cashes in on the hype. Gameloft's Thor: The Dark World places the god of thunder in a top-down dungeon crawler that looks not unlike the company's own Dungeon Hunter series, minus the multiplayer aspect. If you have an engine that works, why not use it, right?

Thor1 Thor3 Thor2

Thor4 Thor5

Thor: The Dark World pits the heroes of Asgard against the dark forces, so our red caped protagonist won't have to charged into battle alone.

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Dynamite Jack Review: So Good I Won't Cheapen It With A Pun About 'Explosive Fun'

In Dynamite Jack, you play the part of a space marine that has been captured by the enemy and forced to work in the Anathema Mines. You don't have time for that nonsense, so escape it is. It seems like your alien captors are not the brightest stars in the cosmos – they leave explosives, flashlights. and keycards laying around everywhere.  Lucky for you.

Gameplay And Controls

You start at the lowest level of the mines, and your goal in each stage is to find the exit denoted by a shimmering point of light. You wander around the top-down maze of tunnels and facilities in search of the necessary tools to take you to the goal.

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PUK Is A Fast-Paced Action Puzzle Game That-Wait, Holy Crap, What's Happening?!

I am going to show you a game. It costs about a buck on the Play Store and is very fun. However, once you begin playing it, you will have roughly five minutes until you either scream, demand a refund, or your head explodes. There are no other options. The game is called Puk. And it is insane.

puk1 puk2 puk3

The concept is simple. At the start of each level, you are given a set number of slingshot-able pucks (I get it!). You have to hit a number of large white circles on the play field with said pucks (...ohhh.

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