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Square Enix's classic 'King's Knight' receives a modern facelift

King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon is the latest release from Square Enix on the Play Store. It's a re-imagining of a Square's 1986 game King's Knight and a mobile spin-off from the Final Fantasy universe. It plays like a top-down auto scrolling shooter that's mixed with plenty of action role playing mechanics.

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One Piece: Thousand Storm offers online co-op with the anime's most popular characters

I have to confess, despite being fairly well-rounded in all aspects of geeky culture, I'm clueless when it comes to One Piece. There's a stretchy guy and another dude who likes to eat his sword and a woman who can never seem to find her shirt and some kind of tiny moose-bear, and everybody wants this weird fruit. Or maybe treasure. Oh, and there are pirates! Whatever's actually happening in the anime, you can now relive your favorite stretchy-sword-bikini-fruity-pirate-moose moments in Namco Bandai's latest Android game, Thousand Storm.

Cynical One Piece fans might be expecting yet another licensed card game, as that seems to be the favored format for these kinds of tie-in titles.

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Oceanhorn, a Zelda-inspired premium action adventure game, sets sail for the Play Store

The Legend of Zelda has inspired a lot of games over the years, and why not: it's the quintessential fantasy action-adventure. Nintendo literally sells millions of dollars worth of hardware each time they release a new one. And while a full Android release for the storied franchise is but a pipedream at the moment (especially with the way Nintendo seems to be cuddling up to Apple as of late), indie developer Cornfox & Bros. is more than willing to pick up the slack with Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.

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Assassin's Creed Identity, A Full Action RPG Made For Mobile, Comes To Android

Android has seen no shortage of Assassin's Creed companion apps. But games based on the franchise that were built explicitly for mobile devices? Those are rare. So rare, in fact, that 2014's Assassin's Creed Pirates has thus far been the only one. And to be fair, that game was hardly your typical AC experience.

Assassin's Creed Identity is different.

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Kingdom Hearts X, A Browser Game Based On The Popular Square-Enix-Disney Universe, Gets An 'Unchained' Android Port

I find most Square-Enix RPGs to be baffling in that somewhat generic anime way: as one reviewer puts it, the stories always seem to revolve around a bunch of teenagers killing Satan with the power of friendship. Throw in perhaps one of the biggest (or at least most complicated) crossovers in media history, and my head starts to spin. So it is with the Kingdom Hearts series of action-RPGs. It's been mixing Squaresoft's Final Fantasy mythos with more or less every Disney animated movie, plus its own impenetrable plots and original characters, since the first game came out on the PS2.

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DotEmu Brings Classic Japanese Action-RPG Ys Chronicles II To Android For $5

Android is having a banner day for classic RPG releases. Almost immediately after Square Enix published Final Fantasy IX to the Play Store, DotEmu has brought the sequel to the original Ys game to the platform. Ys Chronicles I, an updated re-release of Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen, made its way to Android almost a year ago, and now the sequel Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter is also available. (Yes, that's a lot of colons and subtitles.) It's the second half of a story that was originally intended to be a single game way back in 1987, and DotEmu is selling it for $5.

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DotEmu Brings Ys Chronicles 1, An Update To A Classic 80s Action-RPG, To Android And Android TV

Normally an Android re-release of a decades-old RPG means we're talking about another Squaresoft or Enix port, but this one is digging deep into the annals of Japanese role-playing game history. The Ys series (pronounced... okay, I honestly have no idea how it's pronounced) is a collection of action-RPGs that stretches across four decades and dozens of platforms all the way back to 1987. Ys Chronicles 1, an updated port of the game that began the franchise, is now available on Android from DotEmu.

This is an updated and refined edition of Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished - the Android version is probably based on the assets of the updated re-release for the PSP and DS made in 2009, as one half of Ys I & II Chronicles.

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Taichi Panda Mixes Solid Dungeon Crawler Co-Op Gameplay With Action Controls And In-App Purchases

Apparently Blizzard isn't the only game developer that had a burst of inspiration after a late-night cable viewing of Kung Fu Panda. Taichi Panda is the first game from the American arm of Chinese publisher Snail Games. This dungeon crawler won't break the mold in any particular way, but it's a solid top-down action game with online multiplayer baked into its core mechanics. Oh, and there are fighting pandas in it.

One panda, to be precise. You choose from one of four pre-made characters to begin your battles: the titular Taichi Panda, a brawny monk-type who likes to fight with his hands, the Treasure Hunter, a pink-haired sneaky rogue, the Fox Mage, a pixie magic-wielder, and the Glorious Warrior, who is The Guy With The Sword.

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[Ooga Chaka] Marvel Releases A Guardians Of The Galaxy Action-RPG With No IAPs: You're Welcome

Raise your hands if you're excited about Guardians of the Galaxy. Now put them back down, because this is a text-based news story and I can't see you. As usual before a big summer movie, Marvel has released a new mobile game to get fans excited for the upcoming release. But what I'm really excited about is the fact that Marvel published the game itself (instead of outsourcing it to Gameloft) without the usual free-to-play trappings. Yup, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Weapon is a $5 paid game, with no in-app purchases.

Despite the cutesy Tartakovsky-style graphics, the game is based on the upcoming movie, not the niche comics.

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The Witcher Battle Arena Is An Eye-Catching DotA-Style Multiplayer Action RPG Due Out Later This Year

Developer CD Projekt Red has something impressive in the works for fans of The Witcher in need of a mobile fix. Its upcoming game, The Witcher Battle Arena, is a multiplayer experience akin to DotA and League of Legends, but set in the rich medieval universe made popular by the PC/console video game series that's been around since 2007 (themselves based on a series of books). The game was demoed at this year's E3, and it looks awesome.


In each battle, six heroes enter the arena and compete over three conquest points, hoping to capture and hold them longer than the other side.

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