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Action Launcher preemptively adds launcher shortcuts expected to debut with the Pixel Launcher

As you may have noticed in a recent teardown, Google's launcher shortcuts are most likely returning in Android 7.1 with the Pixel Launcher. This feature was part of the Nougat developer preview some months ago, but wasn't implemented in the final release. Now, an improved version is on the way, and Action Launcher continues its tradition of adding all the Pixel Launcher things before the Pixel Launcher even exists.

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Action Launcher officially hits v3.9, includes Nexus Launcher stuff

Anyone who asks me what launcher I use will know how much I love Action Launcher. Not only is the feature set massive, but developer Chris Lacy puts a lot of hard work and love into it.

The beta for v3.9 that released back in August brought with it some features from the rumored Nexus Launcher, including swipe up for "All Apps" and the Google "pill" and date widgets. Today, Action Launcher updates to v3.9 officially. It includes all of the new things from the beta, as well as a few more goodies. See the changelog below for details on those additions.

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Action Launcher v3.9 beta includes features from the rumored Nexus Launcher

Developer Chris Lacy has been hard at work, it seems. Just a few days after we posted details of the upcoming Nexus Launcher for Google's devices, a new beta build of Action Launcher 3 is live with several features seen in that leak. This is all based on non-final software and the beta will have a few bugs, but you can give it a shot right now.

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Action Launcher 3 updated with Marshmallow-based launcher improvements, Google Now integration (root), and more

An update to Action Launcher 3 is currently rolling out with the usual assortment of improvements, feature tweaks, and fixes... but there's more going on here. This isn't just any update—the latest version of Action Launcher 3 moves to a Marshmallow launcher code base and adds (root-only) Google Now integration.

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Action Launcher 3 Updated With Improved Icon Editing, 'Smartsize' Icon Scaling, And More

There's still time to squeeze one more Action Launcher update in this year, and it's a big one. The latest version of Action Launcher makes a myriad of tweaks and adds two new icon-related features, one of which will sound a little familiar.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.6 With New Quickfind Feature, Updated Google Logo In Quickbar, And More

A new version of Chris Lacy's Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it brings an all-new feature that makes it a snap to search your apps. Well, I guess it technically makes it a swipe. Quickfind is a built-in search box in the app list that's accessible with a simple gesture. That's not all that's new—there are a number of other thoughtful tweaks and changes in v3.6.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.5 With New Customizable Quickbar Feature

Action Launcher is getting an update as we speak with a completely new feature. It's called the Quickbar, and it finally puts that search bar on the home screen to good use. In v3.5 you can add your own shortcuts and custom actions to the bar for easy access.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.4 With App Drawer Grid Size, Optional Vertical App Drawer, And More

One thing is for sure, if you ask developer Chris Lacy for something enough times, he's going to do it. Well, maybe. Case in point, the new version of Action Launcher includes a number of highly requested features. You can grab v3.4 from the Play Store right now to check it out for yourself.

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Action Launcher 3.3 Adds Quicktheme Integration With Live Wallpapers, Fully Customizable System For Shortcuts And Gestures, And More

Developer Chris Lacy has pushed out another update to Action Launcher, bumping the software up to version 3.3. Just over a month has passed since the last major release, and plenty of new features have crept in during that time.

One of the most visual changes is the ability for Quicktheme — which lets Action Launcher match your wallpaper like a chameleon — to integrate with live wallpapers. This is done through an open source API that requires changes on the live wallpaper side of the equation in order to work.

Action1 Action2

Action Launcher 3.3 introduces a fully customizable gesture and shortcut system.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.2 With The Return Of The Quickpage, Icon Scaling, And More

Action Launcher v3 came out a few months ago with a ton of refinements and a slimmed down feature set. I thought it was quite a nice app, but the lack of certain extras irked some users. Developer Chris Lacy has been hard at work pushing updates to the launcher since then, and today is a big one. Action Launcher v3.2 adds so much stuff I'm going to use our snazzy new multi-column layout for the changelog.

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