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Action Launcher updated to v32 with bug fixes and a 30% off sale, plus Adaptive Pack gets more icons

Today marks five years since Action Launcher first hit the Play Store. Those were the days of Jelly Bean, when 7-inch tablets roamed the Earth. A lot has changed since then, including the way Action Launcher upgrades work. The app hasn't seen any discounts since it switched to an in-app upgrade model in 2014, but today it's 30% off. The new version also has some small feature tweaks, and the Adaptive Pack for Action Launcher includes more icons.

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Action Launcher updated to v31 with Essential Phone support, adaptive folders, and more

A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out today with a couple of cool new features, plus some new device-specific support. If you liked adaptive icons, you'll love adaptive folders. For those of you with the increasingly budget-friendly Essential Phone, you'll be happy to know the launcher works better with that device's unusual display. Want more? Well, there is more.

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Action Launcher v30 update includes 'At a Glance' widget and colored search box icons

Action Launcher is one of Android's most popular replacement launchers, and this has a lot to do with how quick Chris Lacy has recently been to update his app with the latest features of Google's Pixel Launcher. It's much more than just a port, however, and also has original features that its loyal users swear by, such as covers and shutters.

The last two updates have added AdaptivePack icon integration and a customizable bottom search box, à la new Pixel Launcher. The latest bump to version 30 includes the Pixel's 'At a Glance' widget, which shows you your next calendar appointment alongside the current date and weather, and an option to colorize the icons in the search box.

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Action Launcher v29 adds customizable Pixel 2-style bottom search box

Google unveiled some big changes to the Pixel Launcher the other day along with the Pixel 2, and you know what that means. Yes, third-party launchers are adopting the same features. First out of the gate is Action Launcher, which has been updated to v29 with support for a bottom search box. Not into Google's new search layout? That's cool—it's optional.

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Action Launcher updated to v28 with support for new adaptive icon pack

Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy has seemingly made it his goal to get as many Oreo features as possible working in his launcher. We've already got notification dots and free access to the Pixel-style features of the app. Now, Action Launcher v28 (previously in beta) is rolling out with support for a new companion app—an icon pack. This isn't just any icon pack, though. It's all adaptive icons.

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Action Launcher v28 beta is rolling out, with support for adaptive icons and light navigation bar [APK Download]

Chris Lacy has had a busy few months updating his popular Action Launcher. Since a major overhaul in June, the app has added numerous features that mimic the way the Pixel launcher works in Oreo, bringing features such as the Google Feed, notifications dots, and shortcuts to almost any Android device. The last update, to v27, included new theming options and a Pixel-inspired weather widget. The beta for v28 is now starting to roll out, and it comes with full support for adaptive icons and a light navigation bar.

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Action Launcher updated to v27 with a weather widget, new theming options, and more

Is your home screen feeling a little drab? A bit on the boring side? You might need more color, more customization, and a dash of Android O style. That's Action Launcher, and it has even more of those things today. A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out with ample new customization options and a weather widget.

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Action Launcher updated to v26 with Google Feed integration, notification dots, and more

A big Action Launcher update is rolling out today, and it's adding something many of you have been clamoring for in recent weeks: Google Feed integration (previously known as Google Now). Nova Launcher added this feature a few weeks ago, and now Action Launcher is taking a similar approach. You'll need to sideload a plugin, but no root is required. That's not all that's in this update, either. You like Android O stuff? Action Launcher has it.

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Action Launcher v26 beta is available, includes Android O's notification dots and new app shortcut UI

Chris Lacy's Action Launcher got a massive update recently, introducing new branding, more free features, an animated Android O style clock widget, and more. Together with its already useful feature set, including shutters and covers, it's cemented its place as one of Android's best launchers. The latest Beta is now available, as announced by Lacy on his blog, and it includes a number of features that Google has added to the Pixel Launcher in Android O, such as notification dots and a new UI for app shortcuts and widgets.

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Android O will introduce an animated Clock app icon in launchers

Chris Lacy, the developer behind the well-known Action Launcher, has uncovered something in the APK file of the Clock app that comes in Android O: the manifest.xml mentions hours, minutes, and seconds as layers with default values, and the icon has separate images for the background and different elements.

That logically lead him to deduce that starting with Android O, the Clock app's icon will be animated to show the current time. That will happen both when the Clock is placed as a shortcut on the homescreen and when it's inside the app drawer.

Chris also used that animation in his latest Action Launcher release, which we wrote about a couple of days ago.

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