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[Update: APK Download] ActionDash v5.0 update introduces Fresh Start feature and additional Focus Mode options

ActionDash comes from the same dev who brought us Action Launcher, and the latest update to the Digital Wellbeing add-on bumps it up to version 5.0 with a couple of new features. The most intriguing of the new additions is Fresh Start, which kicks you back to the launcher homescreen after you've locked your phone while in another app. There are also some new focus mode options to play with.

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ActionDash updated to v4.0 with focus mode schedules, additional Action Launcher integration, and more

Google added Digital Wellbeing features to Android last year, but not all phones got them right away, and the feature set is a bit barebones. ActionDash can do everything from Digital Wellbeing, plus it has a ton of power-user features. This app just got an update today to v4.0 with even more ways to keep you from wasting time.

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Action Launcher v42 gets more theme customization, ActionDash icon integration, and more

A new build of Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it includes several notable visual changes. The already robust theming features are getting a boost, and the Google Discover panel can switch to the system dark theme. There's even additional integration with the ActionDash digital wellbeing app.

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Action Launcher v40 adds improved device and web search functionality, plus a colorful new icon

The latest update to the ever-popular Action Launcher includes a new search feature that's been a year in the making. Version 40.0 includes Action Search, a powerful new tool that serves results from the web, your apps and contacts, your in-app search history, and your settings (from both your phone and Action Launcher itself). Also included is a snazzy new app icon.

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[Update: Out of beta] Action Launcher v38 adds Pie styling, more granular Quicktheme settings, and more

So, your stock home screen is getting you down? There are plenty of great alternatives in the Play Store including Action Launcher, and it just so happens there's a new beta build of Action Launcher popping up online. This one adopts more of Android Pie's look and feel—plus there are new settings, theme options, and more.

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Action Launcher v37 adds desktop shortcuts, faster settings changes, and more

A new version of Action Launcher (v37) is rolling out today, and it includes the usual dose of Android P styling. There are also some functional improvements mixed in there, along with a helping of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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Action Launcher updated to v35 with Android P styling, app drawer tweaks, and more

A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it gives you a little hint of Android P without installing the dev preview. Oh, there are other things, too. How about an enhanced app drawer with folders? It's got that. Folder sorting? Yep. Free money? Okay, not that, but it's still pretty good.

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Action Launcher updated to v33 with 'AdaptiveZoom' app opening animation, return of the Accessibility API, and more

Action Launcher embraced adaptive icons several versions ago, and the latest update makes use of this feature in an interesting way. The new AdaptiveZoom option is an alternative to the other app opening animations included in Action Launcher. It looks pretty fancy, but this update is about more than looking good.

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Action Launcher updated to v32 with bug fixes and a 30% off sale, plus Adaptive Pack gets more icons

Today marks five years since Action Launcher first hit the Play Store. Those were the days of Jelly Bean, when 7-inch tablets roamed the Earth. A lot has changed since then, including the way Action Launcher upgrades work. The app hasn't seen any discounts since it switched to an in-app upgrade model in 2014, but today it's 30% off. The new version also has some small feature tweaks, and the Adaptive Pack for Action Launcher includes more icons.

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Action Launcher updated to v31 with Essential Phone support, adaptive folders, and more

A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out today with a couple of cool new features, plus some new device-specific support. If you liked adaptive icons, you'll love adaptive folders. For those of you with the increasingly budget-friendly Essential Phone, you'll be happy to know the launcher works better with that device's unusual display. Want more? Well, there is more.

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