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Action Launcher 3 gets its December update, changes include unread count badges

As most of you know by now, Action Launcher 3 is what I use on all of my devices. I love the feature set and developer Chris Lacy puts a lot of effort and dedication into the app. He is also pretty responsive to user feedback. 

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Action Launcher makes Quickcuts free, implements more of the Pixel and Android 7.1's features

It's fun to see developers duking it out — peacefully — over who adds the most new features first. Action Launcher's and Nova Launcher's devs are a great example. And it's all for the good of the platform and early adopters. Take Android 7.1's launcher app shortcuts. Action Launcher was the first to add them preemptively, Nova Launcher followed by enabling them even on earlier versions of Android, and now Action Launcher is implementing gestures with them to let you open the app shortcuts pop-up and select one of the shortcuts in one go.

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Action Launcher officially hits v3.9, includes Nexus Launcher stuff

Anyone who asks me what launcher I use will know how much I love Action Launcher. Not only is the feature set massive, but developer Chris Lacy puts a lot of hard work and love into it.

The beta for v3.9 that released back in August brought with it some features from the rumored Nexus Launcher, including swipe up for "All Apps" and the Google "pill" and date widgets. Today, Action Launcher updates to v3.9 officially. It includes all of the new things from the beta, as well as a few more goodies. See the changelog below for details on those additions.

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