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[Deal Alert] The Samsung Gear 360 camera is $50 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo

360-degree video is So Hot Right Now. Between the launch of Daydream, expanded support in apps like YouTube, and a continuing interest in headsets like Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, video creators wouldn't be unwise to dip a toe into this particular pool. (If only wearables had stayed so hot.) Samsung's consumer-grade 360-degree camera, creatively called the Gear 360, is currently on sale for $50 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo. That brings the price down to $299.99.

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[Deal Alert] The YI 4K Action Camera is $50 off ($200) at Amazon

If you're in the market for an action camera that can shoot in insane 4K resolution, you could do worse than the YI. Jeff Beck gave the camera an easy recommendation versus the more common GoPro models in his review, even if users will need to buy the accessories separately. Today Amazon has the YI 4K, in black, white, and pink colors, for $50 off. That brings the camera down to just $199.99.

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Samsung's Gear 360 camera finally gets a US launch date: August 19th for $350

It seems like we've been talking about the Gear 360, Samsung's branded 360-degree "action cam," for a long time without getting to see it on store shelves. For the record it was officially announced way back in February, though there were a few leaks before that. We expected it to land around the same time as the Galaxy S7 and its Edgy brother, but as it turns out the camera will launch along with the Galaxy Note 7 later this month. It's scheduled to go on sale starting on August 19th in the United States.

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First Look: The YI 4K Action Camera – nearly identical specs as the GoPro Hero4 Black for half the money

Few would argue that GoPro is the king of the action camera world. It's the brand of choice for professional film crews and amateur enthusiasts alike and dominates the competition in terms of market share and brand recognition. GoPro's current flagship model, the HERO4 Black, is touted by many as the best action cam on the market.

A couple of weeks ago, asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new GoPro competitor, the YI 4K Action Camera. They claim that it matches or beats the GoPro HERO4 Black in almost every way for just a little more than half the price ($250 vs $449).

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Samsung's Gear 360 Is An Action Camera With Twin 180-Degree Lenses, Coming In Q2 2016

In addition to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung also announced an extra-special accessory at its Unpacked event. The Gear 360 is Samsung's first action camera, and not content to compete with GoPro and other conventional models, the company designed a camera that records video in 360 degrees at once. This is achieved with a ball-like body design and two sensors, each paired to a fish eye lens that captures 180 degrees of action. The camera and Samsung's software then stitches the video together for easy 360-degree presentations and VR playback.


The Gear 360 isn't the first 360-degree camera on the market, but with Samsung's marketing muscle behind it (not to mention integration with the company's smartphones), it could become the most popular.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Re Camera Fire Sale: Pick One Up For Just $50 ($150 Off Original Price)

When HTC announced its stand-alone Re sports camera, more than one commenter wondered what the company was doing leaving its smartphone comfort zone for an industry that's already dominated by a single player. Though the Re camera is decent enough on its own and the design is completely unique, it's not enough to sway potential buyers away from GoPro and Sony cameras, which have more features and an established reputation. Apparently someone at HTC agrees, because the camera is being discounted by a whopping 75%.

That brings the price down to just $50, well into impulse buy territory and much more palatable than the original $200 retail price.

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TomTom Bandit Review: A Capable And Fun Action Camera, But You Need To Buy The Accessories

TomTom, who you may know best as the company who makes car GPS and fitness products, has decided to dive into the blossoming industry of action cameras. As an extension of their sporting background, this is a logical move. The TomTom Bandit is surprisingly polished and offers some unique functions for a first generation product, signaling to me that this is more than a “me too” business strategy.

Of course, I’ve already given away the review in saying that. Expectations are in some ways lowered for the Bandit given its status as TomTom’s first action camera. When it comes time to reframe things in terms of what you should buy and for what price, the Bandit is far from a failure but will come up short for many potential buyers.

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HTC Announces Its Mobile Sports Camera, the 'HTC RE,' With WiFi, Bluetooth, And A 16MP Sensor

HTC isn't the first company you think of when you think about cameras. But they would very much like to be, and to that end, they've announced the HTC RE. As expected, this is a wireless "sports camera," along the same lines as products from GoPro, Sony, and any number would-be competitors.


The most striking thing about the RE is its design. The small 96.7x26.5mm camera is shaped roughly like a periscope (or an inhaler), allegedly for a better grip. The camera has extra sensors around the grip point, instantly turning it on when you hold it. HTC is so confident in this unusual design choice that they've actually omitted a power button.

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Bloomberg: HTC Is Developing A GoPro-Style Camera To Be Revealed On October 8th

If you can't beat 'em, diversify your consumer electronics portfolio until your company no longer relies exclusively on a single market. While that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, it may indeed be HTC's new corporate strategy, if the latest report from Bloomberg is accurate. According to "a person familiar with [HTC's] plans," the Taiwanese phone maker is planning on showing off a stand-alone camera during its October 8th press event in New York City.

htc camera mockup

A bad Photoshop mockup based on Sony's POV Action Cam.

The unnamed tipster was very specific about the specifications and physical description for this camera.

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[New App] Garmin VIRB App Controls And Records Video From Garmin's GoPro Camera Competitor

There are a lot of self-styled "action cameras" out there, most of which are trying to catch at least some of the thunder of the wildly popular GoPro. GPS specialist Garmin has thrown its hat in the ring with VIRB, a deluxe, ruggedized, mountable HD video camera with a plethora of bells and whistles. Like the competition, the Garmin VIRB now has an official Android app for remote control, viewfinding, and recording.

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Well, sort of. The VIRB app is only compatible with the VIRB Elite, the $399 model that demands a $100 premium over the basic version (though you can find it a little cheaper than that).

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