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The Motorola One Action gives the Moto G a run for its money

Motorola once held a practically unchallenged position at the top of the budget smartphone food chain, but increasingly capable competition from the likes of Nokia and a host of Chinese brands has changed the landscape in recent years. The now Lenovo-owned company has also lost its value proposition edge, with the Moto G7 not able to justify its $300 price tag and the recently announced Moto E6 arriving with a perplexing $50 price hike. At the same time, the brand’s high-end lineup is also in disarray — the Moto Z4 continues the focus on irrelevant Mods rather than genuinely compelling hardware.

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$200 Insta360 GO is a teeny 0.65oz stabilized action cam

Insta360 has built a name for itself in the niche 360-degree camera space thanks to the One X, Pro, and EVO, but the company is ready to take on smaller perspectives. Building on its signature stabilization algorithms is the new Insta360 GO, a super tiny action cam. How tiny? It weighs 0.65oz (18.3g) and looks as big as a thumb tip.

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Xiaomi's Mijia 360 action camera is $200 ($100 off) on Amazon

Many of you might not know this, but Xiaomi has a line of action cameras that it officially sells in the US. The Mijia 360 is one of them, and its spec sheet is pretty impressive. This action cam is regularly $299.99, but it's now available for $199.99 ($100 off) from Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] YI 4K action camera down to $131.99 ($38 off) on Amazon with code


YI has become famous for offering incredible bang for the buck, and today's promo code takes that a step up. From now until the end of the month, you can pick up a YI 4K action camera for just $131.99, $38 less than the regular price. That's a healthy discount on an already-nice price.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon has the white Yi 4K action camera for $143.99 ($55 off)

I'll admit that I don't know the first thing about action cameras, except that GoPros are a thing. If you're not like me in that regard, then you may be interested in this deal over on Amazon. You can pick up the white Yi 4K action camera for $143.99, a total savings of $55.

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Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is available today for $229

Back in March, Samsung announced the successor to its popular Gear 360 action camera. The GoPro competitor won many fans with its ability to record video in 360 degrees via two fisheye lenses. The 2nd generation version promises more of the same, but with 4K video recording plus a smaller, lighter frame. Samsung has now released the device in the US and it's available for $229.

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Yi 4K Action Cam review: GoPro should be worried

A few weeks ago I wrote a preview article introducing the Yi 4K action camera. The upstart Chinese company has boldly promised that their top of the line $249 action cam can outperform the GoPro Hero4 Black (the Hero5 Black had yet to be announced when I began testing) which sells for $100-150 more.

That's a pretty bold statement considering that GoPro is a name synonymous with action cams, so much so that many people call any action camera a GoPro. I've spent the last few weeks testing that claim, and you know what, the Yi 4K is not as good as a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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