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Rumor: T-Mobile's German Parent Company May Want To Sell The Carrier To... Comcast

T-Mobile has been responsible for seriously shaking up the American cellular carrier for the last couple of years, disrupting nearly every area from contracts to phone subsidies to data sales models. So hearing that T-Mo's parent company Deutsche Telekom may be interested in selling it off is somewhat alarming. Hearing that they may be interested in selling to Comcast, quantifiably one of the most despised companies in the entire country, is like watching that head-crushing scene from Game of Thrones all over again.

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Rumor: Razer Is Looking To Buy Struggling OUYA To Bolster Its Android Gaming Efforts

There hasn't been much news out of OUYA for the last year or so, and Razer's first effort at mobile hardware, the Android TV-powered Forge TV, hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire either. Would combining forces make either of these products better? Probably not. But according to a recent post on TechCrunch, at least someone thinks it might be a good idea.

TechCrunch reports that premium game accessory maker Razer is interested in purchasing OUYA, or at least what's left of it now that the "mini console" fad has come and gone.

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[Update: It's Official] Microsoft Buys 6Wunderkinder, The Makers Of Wunderlist

Microsoft wants a home on your mobile devices, even if they're running Android. Just look at what it's up to these days. It's bringing more Office apps to the Play Store. It's signing deals with OEMs left and right.

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Verizon Buys AOL For $4.4 Billion, Gets An Abundance Of Sites And A Growing Ad Business

Verizon Wireless and AOL are about to become siblings. Verizon Communications (of which Verizon Wireless is a subsidiary) announced today that it is buying the latter for $4.4 billion. And no, it's not for the dial-up subscribers.

Love or hate it, Verizon offers the strongest mobile network in the US, and it's one of the top broadband providers. In a future where people will stream more and more of their media over the web to an increasingly diverse range of gadgets, Verizon clearly has a role to play.

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Google Acquires iOS App 'Timeful,' Plans To Bake Its Intelligent Scheduling Into Calendar And Inbox

Timeful produces an iOS app of the same name that takes your calendar or to-do list and makes it smarter. The service suggests events to go along with those you create manually. I see you have a meeting at 12. How about spending the hour before working on your presentation? That sort of thing.

In a post to the official Gmail blog today, Google announced that it has acquired Timeful. Going forward, the team will now spend its time working on Google apps.

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Twilio Has Acquired Popular Two-Factor Authentication App Authy


Microsoft Confirms Acquisition Of Sunrise Calendar, No Word On New Apps For Now

Last week the scuttlebutt around the strangely popular world of tech corporate acquisitions was that Microsoft had purchased Sunrise Calendar, a good-looking and well-received alternative to built-in calendar apps on Android and iOS. Today Microsoft has stated that yes indeed, they bought it, though they haven't confirmed the reported $100 million dollar price tag.

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Google Acquires Photo And Video Backup App Odysee, Folds Developers Into Google+ Team

It's been a while since Google bought up another company - with the regularity that the folks in Mountain View go on the corporate equivalent of a shopping spree, you might say they're overdue. The latest Google acquisition is Odysee, an app and service that automatically backs up photos and videos taken on mobile and saves a copy in the cloud and/or on users' home PCs.

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The Android and iOS apps have already been un-published on the Play Store and App Store, and according to the Odysee home page, the service will shut down completely on February 23rd.

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British Telecom Plans To Buy UK Mobile Carrier EE For £12.5 Billion

United Kingdom communications giant BT Group, also referred to by its primary subsidiary British Telecom or simply "BT," is buying its way back into the mobile carrier business. The company announced its intention to buy UK carrier EE for a combination of cash and stock worth 12.5 billion pounds. That would combine the country's largest mobile carrier at 24.5 million customers with its largest landline/ISP operator at 10 million customers, creating a force to be reckoned with in both wireless and wired connections.

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Microsoft Reportedly Buys Sunrise Calendar For Over $100 Million

Like any company out there, Microsoft wants you to use its products. In those cases when you choose not to, it reserves the right to buy whatever it is that you actually are using. That way you're happy and you're still using Microsoft's stuff. Everybody wins, in a way.

The company's latest acquisition, according to TechCrunch, is Sunrise Calendar. It reportedly dished out over $100 million to seal the deal.

Sunrise Calendar is available for a number of platforms spread across mobile and desktop.

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