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Google Buys Panorama-Making Company Digisfera—Discontinues PanoTag And Plans To Open Source Marzipano

I don't know about you, but sometimes Google Street View still blows my mind. Living in 2015, we have the ability to take out our phones and experience what it's like to walk the streets of a distant city. From my browser I've had views of Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia that I will likely never have in person.

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LogMeIn Acquires LastPass Password Manager For Over $110 Million

LastPass is one of the more well-known password managers out there. Now it's one that's joining LogMeIn. Both companies announced the acquisition earlier today. The buyer paid $110 million upfront with up to another $15 million payable in contingent installments dependent on retention and other markers over the next two years.

LogMeIn, despite having a name that already sounds like a password manager in its own right, is primarily known for its remote access software. From a corporate perspective, this sounds like a good match, but some LastPass users have already filled the announcement post with negative comments expressing their disappointment. Several have complained of LogMeIn's bad customer service and price hikes.

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Google Acquires Jibe Mobile In Move To Increase Android Rich Communications Services (RCS) Adoption

Money has exchanged hands, and now Jibe Mobile is becoming a part of Google. You've probably never heard of Jibe Mobile. That's okay. Here's what matters.

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Android Wear Mini Launcher Developer Sells The App To A New Dev

Wear Mini Launcher was one of the favorite tools in the opening months of Android Wear. Back when the platform's utility was somewhat limited, it was the best way to manually start a Wear app. Of course that utility has become somewhat redundant now that Wear has been updated with an integrated launcher. Even so, the gesture activation function still makes Wear Mini Launcher one of the easiest ways to quickly activate a Wear app without using voice control.

Unfortunately, Wear Mini Launcher seems to have gone the way of QuickPic. On his Google+ community dedicated to beta releases and feature requests, developer Nicolas Pomepuy announced that he sold the application to a new developer.

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Athletic Apparel Producer Adidas Buys Fitness App Maker Runtastic For Over $200 Million

Adidas, the company that made your pair of gym shoes and track pants, has purchased Runtastic. It reportedly paid around $239 million to close the deal.

Around these parts, Runtastic is known for having produced a series of great fitness-related apps. There's Runtastic's running app that got the ball rolling, and there are a couple of cycling ones that do the same thing for bikes. Then there are dedicated offerings for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Some of Runtastic's apps hone in on specific body parts, such as Butt Trainer, Leg Workout, and Six-Pack Abs.

In a blog post, Runtastic says it will remain its own entity within the Adidas Group.

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[Updated] Nokia Sells HERE Unit To German Carmaker Trio Of BMW, Audi, And Mercedes-Benz For 2.5 Billion Euros

Nokia has hinted at a sale of its HERE mapping and location unit since April, when it announced its merger with Alcatel-Lucent and a strategic review of HERE. The rumors at the time pegged Uber and unnamed German carmakers to be interested in the acquisition, then were more substantiated last month when Bloomberg revealed that the trio of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz were the most likely candidates.

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Pixate Joins Google And Makes Studio Free To Use, Form Updates To Version 1.3 With Material Design Patches, And More

Pixate is a tool that helps designers prototype native mobile applications without pulling their hair out. Now it's a part of Google.


The first immediate impact of this acquisition is that Pixate Studio is now free to use. You can go download the software to a Windows PC or Mac right away to create interfaces for your Android or iOS device. Then, if you want to share your prototypes with teammates online, Pixate's new cloud plan goes for $5 a month or $50 a year. The desktop software integrates seamlessly with cloud accounts.

Pixate has set up a FAQ page dedicated entirely to explaining how becoming a part of Google will affect things.

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Sygic Buys Fuelio And Makes All Of The Fuel Logging App's Pro Features Available For Free

Sygic, the company behind one of the world's most popular mobile navigation apps, has purchased Fuelio. And to sweeten the deal for users, the company is making all of the app's pro features available for free. That includes Dropbox and Google syncing, a widget, and detailed information presented in the form of stats, summaries, and charts.


In case you've never taken Fuelio on the road with you before, this app logs how much you spend on gas and how much you're getting out of each gallon. With GPS support and Google Maps integration, you can track all the places you get gas.

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Shopping App Maker Wish Acquires Locket, The News Aggregating Lockscreen

Wish, a shopping platform with over 100 million users, feels like a cross between Pinterest and Amazon. The site's Android app provides an experience where you don't just browse products, you view how people look wearing and using those products. It's like a catalog tailored to you.

Today Wish announced that it has acquired Locket.

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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments, The Makers Of The Fitness-Oriented Smart Eyewear Recon Jet

After somewhat missing the boat on mobile computing, Intel is slowly and steadily forging its way in the wearable market, trying to stay at the forefront of this new field. Over the past year or so, it has acquired Basis, formed a partnership with eyewear giant Luxxotica (Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc), announced a collaboration with Google and Tag Heuer for an Android Wear watch, and unveiled a button-sized chip for wearables named the Curie Module. It has now taken another step forward in its venture by acquiring Recon Instruments.

Recon is a Canadian company better known for its much-delayed but quite interesting Jet, a head-mounted unit that runs a heavily modded version of Android Jelly Bean and targets the sports and fitness crowd with preloaded apps and functionality.

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