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Opera Gets A $1.2 Billion Buying Offer From Chinese Consortium Made Of Kunlun And Qihoo 360

Opera Software has been synonymous with fast browsers and data compression for years now. But despite improving its applications and releasing new ones like Opera Max, the company has been struggling financially and looking for a buyer since 2015. It seems that the search is about to be over as a Chinese Consortium has offered to buy Opera for $1.2 Billion.

The Consortium is made of Beijing Kunlun Tech (a mobile gaming focused company that acquired Grinder last month) and Qihoo 360 (China's number one internet and mobile security product provider - yes, that means antivirus), and backed by investment funds Golden Brick and Yonglian.

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iOS Weather App Maker 'Sunshine' Buys PressureNet, Plans To Make An Android Version

Our smartphones come jam-packed with sensors. Do you know what the barometer in your phone is good for? Some apps use it as an altimeter to better map your location and elevation. PressureNet uses it to help predict the weather. With the help of hundreds of thousands of users, this piece of open source software has helped an abundance of people anticipate what the sky may soon drop on the people in their area.

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Microsoft's Acquisition Of SwiftKey Is Official, Android App Will Still Be Actively Developed

Late yesterday, the Financial Times reported that SwiftKey was in talks with Microsoft about a potential acquisition that could be officially announced during the week. The report was right and this morning both Microsoft and SwiftKey have made the news official on their respective blogs.

The financial details of the acquisition weren't disclosed, but yesterday's report mentioned a $250 Million figure — or about a quarter Instagram if you want. The rest of the deal's terms aren't perfectly transparent either, but SwiftKey's co-founders Jon and Ben made it clear that the keyboard will continue to be developed for Android and iOS.

Our number one focus has always been to build the best possible products for our users.

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Sony Acquires Israel-Based LTE Modem Company Altair Semiconductor For $212 Million

Cell phones need modems. They're pretty important if your plans include making calls and accessing data. Like processors and GPUs, most phone manufacturers don't make their own wireless modems or radios, instead incorporating pre-existing designs into their phones. Sony might soon be able to roll its own wireless components: the Japanese electronics giant has announced that it has finalized plans to buy Altair Semiconductor, a designer of LTE modems based in Israel, for $212 million USD.

The acquisition will allow Sony to produce its own LTE hardware, and possibly sell it to competitors, as is already the case with Sony's widely-used camera modules.

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AT&T Buys Software Rights And Acquires Some Staff From Carrier iQ (Yes, That Carrier iQ)

Do you remember the huge scandal that was Carrier iQ? It's alright if you don't - it's been over four years since the company's data-logging mobile phone software was revealed, resulting in accusations of privacy violations, lax security, lawsuits both from and against the software maker and its partners, and eventually the removal of Carrier iQ code from phones via security patches. The months-long scandal basically killed Carrier iQ as a company... but now its corporate assets are owned by a carrier jokingly referred to as "the Death Star." There's no way that can go wrong, is there?

Yes, AT&T, in between attempts to snap up competing telcos and the country's biggest satellite TV provider, has somehow found time to buy a tiny but incredibly controversial software developer.

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Canadian Telecom Shaw Communications To Buy Wind Mobile For $1.6 Billion

Canada's mobile market might be only a fraction of the size of its southern neighbor's, but that's still millions and millions of potential customers. Shaw Communications, a major Canadian phone and Internet provider based in Calgary, is making a move to grab a portion of it. Yesterday Shaw announced its intention to buy Wind Mobile, the country's fourth-largest mobile carrier. Shaw will buy the company from its parent Mid-Bowline Group for 1.6 billion Canadian dollars (about 1.15 billion USD).

Wind has only been operating for almost exactly six years, and in an impressively short time has amassed just under a million subscribers in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

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Toy Company Mattel Acquires Fuhu, Maker Of The Kid-Focused Nabi Tablet Series

If you've heard of Fuhu, you're either a parent, a tech news junkie, or both. The Los Angeles-based company makes the Nabi line of tablets, some of the first Android-powered devices to be made and marketed directly for children, and the forerunner of more widespread "kid" tablet variants from Samsung and Amazon. Android Police has reviewed several of its tablet designs. Fuhu announced that the company is being acquired by Mattel, famous makers of Barbie, Hot Wheels, and all manner of other children's toys and games.

Concurrently, Fuhu is also filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That's alarming, but according to the lengthy post on the official Nabi Facebook page, it's more of a procedural method than an actual decommission of the company as it currently stands.

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Pandora Buys Rdio For $75 Million, Latter Service Will Eventually Shut Down

With the number of online music streaming services floating around, there's seemingly an option out there for any type of music listener. Inevitably some of these services will be similar. Pandora provides Internet radio stations that mold to your tastes. Spotify provides an online library that lets you play what you want on demand.

Rdio lets you listen to radio stations that adapt to your taste. Sound familiar? Pandora apparently thinks so, because the company is now buying Rdio.

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Fly Labs, "Creators Of The World's Best Video Editing Apps," Get Acquired By Google And Join The Photos Team

As an Android user, you are forgiven for not knowing who or what Fly Labs is. The company's video editing suite of applications is only available on iOS so your exposure to its products may have been non-existent. But you're about to hear more about Fly Labs or at least its products' features since it has just been acquired by Google.

The company announced the acquisition on its site and Google Photos' product lead David Lieb reiterated the news, dubbing Fly Labs as the "creators of the world's best video editing apps."  I don't know about the world's best, but Fly Labs has some very interesting products under its name. Clips puts fragments of videos together, reorders them, and tags music or voice recordings on top of them. Tempo edits slow-motion, fast-forwarded clips, and time-lapse videos. Fly uses gestures to edit videos, apply cuts and transitions, integrate picture-in-picture, or split the screen.

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Activision Blizzard Will Buy Candy Crush Saga Developer King For 5.9 Billion (With A 'B') Dollars

You might know Activision Blizzard as the mega-publisher behind huge franchises like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. And you might know King as the mobile publisher behind Candy Crush Saga, the Bejeweled clone that's inexplicably become one of the most popular casual games on the planet. In a few months the two companies will be one and the same: Activision Blizzard has announced its intention to acquire King for a staggering $5.9 billion.

For comparison, that's approximately six times what Facebook famously paid to acquire mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Activision currently has practically zero presence on the mobile game front with the notable exception of free-to-play collectible card game Hearthstone, while King's various games across Android, iOS, Windows, and web platforms have amassed hundreds of millions of downloads and billions of dollars in revenue from in-app purchases.

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