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Twilio Has Acquired Popular Two-Factor Authentication App Authy


Microsoft Confirms Acquisition Of Sunrise Calendar, No Word On New Apps For Now

Last week the scuttlebutt around the strangely popular world of tech corporate acquisitions was that Microsoft had purchased Sunrise Calendar, a good-looking and well-received alternative to built-in calendar apps on Android and iOS. Today Microsoft has stated that yes indeed, they bought it, though they haven't confirmed the reported $100 million dollar price tag.

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Google Acquires Photo And Video Backup App Odysee, Folds Developers Into Google+ Team

It's been a while since Google bought up another company - with the regularity that the folks in Mountain View go on the corporate equivalent of a shopping spree, you might say they're overdue. The latest Google acquisition is Odysee, an app and service that automatically backs up photos and videos taken on mobile and saves a copy in the cloud and/or on users' home PCs.

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The Android and iOS apps have already been un-published on the Play Store and App Store, and according to the Odysee home page, the service will shut down completely on February 23rd.

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British Telecom Plans To Buy UK Mobile Carrier EE For £12.5 Billion

United Kingdom communications giant BT Group, also referred to by its primary subsidiary British Telecom or simply "BT," is buying its way back into the mobile carrier business. The company announced its intention to buy UK carrier EE for a combination of cash and stock worth 12.5 billion pounds. That would combine the country's largest mobile carrier at 24.5 million customers with its largest landline/ISP operator at 10 million customers, creating a force to be reckoned with in both wireless and wired connections.

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Microsoft Reportedly Buys Sunrise Calendar For Over $100 Million

Like any company out there, Microsoft wants you to use its products. In those cases when you choose not to, it reserves the right to buy whatever it is that you actually are using. That way you're happy and you're still using Microsoft's stuff. Everybody wins, in a way.

The company's latest acquisition, according to TechCrunch, is Sunrise Calendar. It reportedly dished out over $100 million to seal the deal.

Sunrise Calendar is available for a number of platforms spread across mobile and desktop.

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AT&T Announces Unlimited Calling To Mexico After Buying The Country's Third Largest Carrier

AT&T customers with a regular need to dial numbers in Mexico are about to save some money. The wireless carrier announced today unlimited calling to our southern neighbor, available to anyone who adds the World Connect Value package to their postpaid plan. Folks who already have the $5 add-on will receive the benefit automatically.

This announcement comes after AT&T finished its $2.5 billion acquisition of lusacell, Mexico's third largest wireless provider, last week.

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Microsoft Acquires TestFlight-Like Service 'HockeyApp,' Plans To Integrate It With Visual Studio Online For Mobile App Developers

Microsoft has acquired HockeyApp, a service that helps developers test their apps and get feedback from users. The company plans to use the platform, akin to Apple's TestFlight (purchased early this year), to attract app creators to its development tools. The folks at Redmond intend to integrate HockeyApp with the Application Insights service in Visual Studio Online to improve support for Android and iOS.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 at 3.10.19 PM

HockeyApp offers developers integrated crash reporting, information on beta distribution, and a built-in user feedback system.

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Intel Security Purchases Password Manager Service PasswordBox

PasswordBox is a system that allows users to keep long and secure passwords to major services, auto-inputting the fields on desktops and mobile platforms and syncing them to a cloud-based system with a single login. It's a popular alternative to the similar LastPass system. Yesterday Intel announced that it had acquired the 44-person company for an undisclosed sum, and intends to integrate it into its Intel Security team (which includes support from McAfee) going forward.

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Microsoft Buys Mobile Email App Developer Accompli To Give Its Own Cross-Platform Efforts A Shot In The Arm

In a move that shows Microsoft's interest in improving its products for rival platforms, the company has acquired Accompli, a developer whose email client is available for both Android and iOS.

Accompli, as the app is also called, triages your inbox, giving priority to the messages that may be the most important. It combines this with filters and other features geared towards giving you control of your mail.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 at 12.58.22 PM

Accompli currently sits in the Play Store with somewhere between 10,000 - 50,000 installs, but the number of users impacted by this acquisition will be much higher.

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Lenovo 's Acquisition Of Motorola Mobility Is Now Final

When gigantic multinational corporations buy one another, the process is a bit more complicated than grabbing a new couch off of Craigslist. Lenovo announced its intention to buy American phone manufacturer Motorola off of Google back in January of this year, less than two years after Google itself acquired the then-independent Motorola Mobility. Today the sale is final and approved by all necessary regulatory agencies, with a combined price of $2.91 billion in cash, credit, and stock.

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