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Microsoft's Your Phone app testing new accessibility features, GIF and emoji buttons in messaging

Microsoft is bolstering its PC-to-phone bridging app, Your Phone, with the release of the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview — in fact, it's the bulk of the changes touted in this preview version. For build 18908 (20H1), fast ring insiders will be able to try out new accessibility tools and messaging features with more Android devices. Oh, and there's a new logo, too, but that's just the start of things.

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[Update: Device limitations] Live Caption will caption all content in real time

Among the many Assistant announcements at Google I/O 2019, perhaps some of the most heart-warming came from the new accessibility features. One of those, built for the many who are deaf or are otherwise hard of hearing, is called Live Caption, a captioning service that displays a transcript of what's said in a video, a video call, or even an Instagram story in real-time.

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Google's Project DIVA brings non-verbal commands to smart speakers and displays

One way or another, technology has adopted ways for everyone to connect to the digital society, including the disabled and differently-abled. With the advent of smart speakers and other smart home appliances, the age of having machines perform actions on voice command is here, but non-verbal people have not been able to reap its benefits. Google wants to extend that utility to as many as possible through new initiative called Project DIVA, or "DIVersely Assisted."

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Live Relay allows deaf and mute users to talk with anyone over the phone

Live Relay is a new accessibility feature that's sure to be a boon for hearing and speech-impaired users. By combining text-to-speech and real-time transcription, it will allow you to conduct a phone call by just reading and replying to text messages on your screen.

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Chrome 74 adds dark mode, accessibility improvements, new Translate shortcut, and more [APK Download]

In this crazy world we live in, it's comforting to know that some things will never change the sky is blue, the sun rises in the east, and Google releases a new version of Chrome (roughly) every six weeks. Chrome v74 is now available on desktop and mobile platforms, and while it doesn't include a massive number of noticeable changes, there is still plenty to talk about.

Dark mode

Slowly but surely, Google is adding a dark mode to all of its applications in preparation for Android Q. Chrome's dark mode first made an appearance early last month, and has finally trickled down to the stable channel with Chrome v74.

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Android Accessibility Suite 7.3 exits beta, brings screen search and other TalkBack additions [APK Download]

Accessibility options have come a long way in Android, especially in the last year or two. The aptly-named Android Accessibility Suite, formerly TalkBack, just hit v7.3 stable, adding some refinements to the Accessibility Menu and other new options like screen search and additions to continuous reading.

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New Android Q settings promise more time to read and act on alerts, but neither seems to work yet

Two new accessibility options have appeared in Android Q. The new "time to read" and "time to take action," settings allow you to configure just how long certain messages stay on the screen. Or at least, they probably would if any apps supported them right now.

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Google Voice Access picks up support for four new languages [APK Download]

When it comes to accessibility on Android, Google's Voice Access is one of the hallmark options to make it easier to use your phone. Late last year, we saw the big 3.0 release, which brought a whole slew of new features, so today's update is small in comparison. It is, however, still important since it adds support for German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

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[Update: Video] Leaked Android Q builds reveals system-wide dark mode, new permissions UI, possible desktop interface

XDA has managed to get its hands on an early build of Android Q, confirming that Google's next version of our favorite operating system will include a dark mode, as expected. But plenty of more secrets were hiding inside the image XDA found, including a much-needed app permissions revamp, what may end up being a Samsung DeX-like desktop UI, and piles of smaller features.

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Android Accessibility Suite 7.2 adds camera support to Select to Speak, TalkBack control changes, and more

Earlier this year, Google rebranded Android's TalkBack app under the more generic name Android Accessibility Suite — an understandable decision given the app had expanded beyond merely providing text to speech functionality. Now version 7.2 of the Android Accessibility Suite has been released to the Play Store, bringing with it camera-based text to speech, fast-forward/rewind controls for TalkBack, and a handful of improvements.

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