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Michael Kors Access Sofie watches on sale for as low as $199 (up to $166 off)

With a vast family of partners producing watches for Google's Wear OS platform, there has never been an easier time augment your smartphone experience with some wrist-based tech. Today's special deal features three stainless steel Michael Kors smartwatches for up to 43% off.

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Michael Kors adds new Runway designs to stylish Access collection of Wear OS watches

Fashion brands have been all over Wear OS. That includes Michael Kors, which has been selling a line of Wear OS smartwatches it calls Access for some time. Today, the designer has announced a new set of Access devices that borrow their design from Kors' established Runway watches.

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August Home acquired by Yale owner Assa Abloy, the world's largest lock maker

Assa Abloy, the world's largest lock and access company, already sells smart home products through its Yale brand (one of the world's most recognized lock makers), but now it wants to expand that part of the business. And that's exactly what it's doing, with the announcement of a deal to purchase fledgling US smart lock firm August Home, known for its smart locks and doorbells with cameras.

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Michael Kors announces the new members of the Access line, Grayson and Sofie, both will start at $350

In continuing with the cavalcade of smartwatch announcements, Michael Kors has unveiled two new Android Wear offerings in its Access line. Both the Grayson and Sofie are the next step in the luxury brand's attempts at blending design, personal style, and technology.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Apps Now Need Your Permission To Read And Write To External Storage

The M preview changes the way Android deals with permissions. Rather than viewing a bulky list and approving all of the things an app wants access to right from the beginning, M lets you grant permission as the need arises.

Starting with the second preview, apps now need permission to access storage outside of their own personal space. This was something they could do out-of-the-box in the first preview build of Android M. Now attempting to read or write to any area that is also accessible to other apps has been designated as dangerous behavior, and you will have to allow apps to do so.

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Google To Acquire Skybox Imaging For $500 Million To Improve Internet Access And Disaster Relief

There have been rumblings recently that, adding to its other (perhaps more far-flung) efforts to improve Internet access around the world, Google would eventually deploy its own fleet of satellites. Today, those rumblings got a little bit closer to reality as Google announced its agreement to acquire satellite imaging company Skybox for $500 million in cash.

Skybox Announcement Logo_sm

Skybox's journey so far, according to the announcement on its own blog, has been about revolutionizing "access to information about the changes happening across the surface of the Earth." Having already deployed the world's smallest high-resolution imaging satellite, the company says it's already made "great strides."

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Brivo Labs Demonstrates OKDoor - See Who's At Your Door And Let Them In Through Google Glass

As Google Glass continues toward an inevitable public release, users (and developers) are still trying to puzzle out exactly what the device is best suited for. There are games, cooking apps, news alert apps, and of course a tidy bundle of Google services in the slowly expanding list of official Glassware. Of course, there's more to Glass than official Glassware. Developers are making some fairly compelling tools for Google's eyeball computer, and Brivo Labs, in an effort to "explore the future of wearable technology," recently published a demonstration of one such tool.

OKDoor, an app that beams visitors to your Glass and allows users to grant (or deny) access with a tap, is actually a demonstration of Brivo's SAM API, a tool Brivo Labs is developing as "a game changer in the way people interact and manage everyday access needs."

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Google And Samsung Reach Cross-Licensing Deal For Current Patents And Those Filed Over The Next Ten Years

Through its official global blog, Samsung today announced a new patent licensing deal reached with Google, whereby both companies will have access to each other's existing patents and those filed over the next ten years, covering "a broad range of technologies and business areas."

The cross-licensing agreement is described by Google's Deputy General Counsel for Patents, Allen Lo, as one that will help the two giants "reduce the potential for litigation, and focus instead on innovation." Indeed that has been a popular refrain as both Google and Samsung have historically faced (and continue to face) patent challenges from various other companies on various grounds.

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Cracking Glass – Saurik Posts Account Of Google Glass Root, Controversy, Exploits, And How To Crack Your Own Glass

Several days ago, something happened that sent a not insignificant ripple through coverage of Google Glass: someone "jailbroke" the device.


Saurik, who posted the above photo to Twitter, had modified Glass' software "while in the Bay Area after picking it up from Google's headquarters in Mountain View."

Understandably, this idea was a bit bedeviling to the press – ostensibly, Glass is a relatively limited platform for developers, who can only write apps using a web-based API, allowing software to be integrated with the device over the internet. Eric Schmidt's words regarding the relative closed-ness (or at least, less-than-total openness) of Glass' platform to start were still wet on the page.

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Titanium Backup Updated To Version 5.8 With Web Server Backup Upload/Download, Support For USB MTP, And More

Titanium Backup, perhaps the most popular and powerful root backup solution available, got an update to version 5.8 today, an update that brought with it fixes, added support, and new features.

Probably the most significant new feature is the addition of web server backup uploading and downloading (for Pro users). If that sounded like a sentence written in Greek, we'll try to expound – what this means is that your device can now start a web server right from the Titanium Backup interface. You can then download and upload backups on your PC by accessing the server (in a method similar to AirDroid).

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