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The official Stadia controller phone mount is now available for $15 on the Google Store (Update: Sold out)

If you've been playing playing the growing library of Stadia games on your phone, you're probably getting tired of finding ways to prop the thing up comfortably by now. Last month, Google announced that Power Support was developing a phone mount specifically for the Stadia controller. If you want to get that gadget, The Claw is now available on the Google Store for $15.

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Pick up the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD for $30 ($12 off) with coupon

In the market for a slim battery pack that doesn't compromise on capacity or features? The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD may be precisely the product you need. Even better still, this portable charger is currently available for only $30 ($12 off) from Amazon. Making this the lowest price we've seen yet for this model — albeit only by $2 less than the last time we spotted it on sale.

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Enhance and protect your Pixel 3a or 3a XL from day one with a dbrand skin [Sponsored Post]

Google just shook up the smartphone game with the announcement of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Suddenly, owning a Pixel with Google's fast updates and excellent cameras is significantly more affordable (and tempting) for AP readers.

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Fitbit's new Alta HR is the 'world's slimmest' fitness tracker with a continuous heart rate sensor

Smartwatches don't seem to be gaining the cultural cachet that Google was hoping they would, but cheaper and more basic fitness monitors continue to do well even among the non-techy crowd. Just ask Fitbit, which is apparently flush enough to buy Pebble lock, stock, and barrel. The company's latest minimalist fitness tracker is the Alta HR, announced today and heading to retailers in April for $149.95. The Alta HR is an upgraded version of the current Alta, which adds a full-time heart rate sensor to the basic design.

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ZeroLemon Releases 8500mAh External Battery Cases For The Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus For $60

With gigantic screens and the extra internal space that goes along with them, Samsung's plus-sized flagship phones already offer large batteries: 3000mAh for both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. But for some that just isn't enough, and that's where third-party battery supplier ZeroLemon shines. Both phones have sealed battery compartments, but the usual work-around is to build a giant battery into an even more giant phone case. So it is with ZeroLemon's latest offerings: enormous 8500mAh battery-cases for both devices.

The math works out to almost 3X battery life on a fully-charged case, plus the runtime of the phone's internal battery, though the electrical inefficiency of the external battery system probably means it won't last quite that long.

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Motorola's Keylink Accessory Is Gone From The Online Store, But It Will Be Back In A Few Weeks

Yesterday ComputerWorld writer JR Raphael found that the Motorola Keylink, the Bluetooth phone/key finder accessory that was released a couple of months ago, had suddenly vanished from Motorola's online store. This caused a certain amount of confusion and speculation that Motorola had discontinued the gadget, even so quickly after its launch. We reached out to our press contact at Motorola for some clarification.


No worries, absent-minded Motorola phone owners. According to a company representative, they're just out of stock, and will be for the next few weeks. For whatever reason Moto simply decided to remove the listing from the online store in the interim.

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Motorola Keylink Is Official—$24.99 To Never Lose Your Keys Again (Unless You Also Lose Your Phone)

We've seen the Keylink pop up a few times at retail and in various rumors. Now it's finally official at $24.99. This Bluetooth dongle goes on your keychain and tethers to your phone so the Moto Connect app can keep tabs on your keys and vice versa.


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OnePlus One Pre-Orders Will Be Available Starting October 27th, Discounted Accessories Thrown In For Good Measure

In the Android Police review of the OnePlus One, we called it "the best flagship you can't buy." That will change soon: the independent and often divisive manufacturer has finally seen fit to set aside its invitation system and start selling phones the old-fashioned way. Pre-orders will be available via starting on Monday, October 27th at 15:00 GMT (8 AM Eastern time).


But it just wouldn't be OnePlus without some needless complication, right? According to this entry on the OnePlus blog, the company will only be offering pre-orders, and there won't be a conventional "launch date" for the non-invite retail phone.

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Automatic Link Review: The One Nag Whose Yammering Might Actually Improve Your Driving

I love to drive. No, seriously. I'm someone who actually enjoyed commuting to work, back before I landed my first gig putting words on the web. I'll gladly run to the grocery store to knock a few items off our shopping list, then sometimes head back on the same day to pick up something we forgot. If a friend lives less than two hours away, then they're local. Let's hang out this weekend.

The thing is, all this driving burns through gas, which in turn burns through funds. As fun as it is to gun it when the traffic light turns green, coast in the left lane on the interstate, or brake as briefly and as rarely as possible, these actions all impact how much drivers have to spend down the line, both in fuel and maintenance.

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[LOLWUT] Supersmoker Bluetooth Is An E-Cig That Pairs With Your Phone To Take Calls And Play Music While You Pseudo-Smoke

Peanut butter and jelly – these things go together. Bert and Ernie? Same deal – they just work together. An e-cigarette and Bluetooth? Well, that's a tougher sell. The folks at Supersmoker think they're on to something, though. The new Supersmoker Bluetooth pairs with your phone to act as a speaker and Bluetooth headset, except it's in your mouth. The promo video is pretty weird too.

This contraption does the usual e-cig things with vaporizing nicotine solutions, but only one of the buttons controls that. The others are for pairing your e-cig with a smartphone, answering calls, and controlling music. There is a built-in mic and speaker, so you can answer a call without touching the phone.

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