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[New Game] Pathogen Is The Latest Abstract Strategy Game With Very Few Colors That Will Consume All Of Your Free Time

Pathogen is a turn-based strategy game, but it doesn't involve armor-clad warriors waging war against hordes of miscellaneous fiends. Instead, it tasks shapes of one color with overcoming similar shapes of another hue. It's the kind of simplistic, easy-to-grasp, abstract experience that tends to be very successful on mobile platforms. Now, after having made itself cozy in a competing app store a couple months ago, Pathogen has found its way onto Google Play.

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[New App] Radiohead's First Android Foray Will Take You On A Visual Musical Journey You Probably Won't Make Sense Of

English rock band Radiohead could just release another album, but there are certain experiences that music alone cannot provide. So the band has worked with design agency Universal Everything to create an experimental piece of software that occupies the space somewhere between being an app and a game. Its name is PolyFauna, and, really, make of it what you will.

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