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Spotify is testing a redesigned now playing screen with full-screen album art

The Spotify app isn't bad, per se, but it could probably be better (similar to certain other music apps). It's good, then, that the company is testing a new material-esque now playing screen, which looks much improved compared to the old one.

It would appear this is being A/B tested at the moment, due to it being randomly turned on for certain users. It is not clear what version is running on this phone - no Android Police team members have this on their specific Spotify app install.

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Google Play Developer Console app gains review notifications and filters, staged rollout controls, and more [APK Download]

The Google Play Developer Console app isn't a piece of software most of us will use. It's aimed at the folks who make the apps the rest of us download, not the other way around. But more than a few of you are developers, so you might want to check out the latest version of the app. The update brings new ways for you to find what the rest of us feel about the stuff you make.

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[Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3] Facebook Is Testing A New Call Tab On Messenger

Much like Google, Facebook runs a lot of tests on its products, trying to gauge whether new things are a good idea. It tested a material update to Messenger, the Reactions button and Messenger SMS (which is still ongoing), multiple Messenger accounts, and probably more besides. Now it's got a new one for Messenger as well: a call tab.

You probably already know that users can make both video and voice calls through Messenger; there's even an app for it, although it hasn't been updated since August 2015. Before the material update, the option to place a VoIP call was on the lower action bar, alongside the one to search or start a new message.

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YouTube's Card-Style Menu For Video Options Is Progressively Rolling Out To More People And Disappearing For Others

Hey YouTube users. I've got something for you to try. Start a video and tap the little overflow button at the top right, it'll appear for a short time if you tap the player. For the last few years, you would have seen three or four grayish buttons overlay onto the video with the labels: Captions, Quality, Report, and Cardboard. Here's the thing, you might not see that anymore. Instead, a little white card might slide up from the bottom of the screen with the same options. Take a peek at the screenshots to see what I'm talking about.

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Google Now Lets You Block Cards From Showing Specific News Sources, Not Just Previously Visited Sites

Google is on a roll with the app-less updates this week. After trialing a new homescreen weather shortcut for a small amount of users a few days ago, users have been noticing that there is a new feature in Google Now to block any site from showing up in the 'Stories to read' section. Therefore, if you see a card you'd rather not see, it can now be banished and will go back to whence it came.

Blocking sites in Now has been around for a while, but only for select cards; namely the ones that specifically show up for sites you've visited before. As of the update, likely to be a server-side rollout, the blocking ability has been upgraded to apply to any card.

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YouTube App Starts Showing Buffer Progress On Paused Videos For Some Users

YouTube is the darling app of interface tinkerers at Google. The team behind it is always trying something new, testing the waters with A/B server-side changes that some users see, others don't, and we like writing about (exhibit A, B, C, and so on). Now we're getting tips about a new change that's surfacing for a lot of users, which makes us think this might be a relatively wide rollout that you could encounter as well.

When you pause a video in the YouTube app, a new buffering progress overlay shows up below the play button. It clearly states the total size of the video and how much of it has been buffered.

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