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Google Play Movies & TV is offering some users 99¢ rentals on select films

Like movies? How about cheap stuff? You might want to check your Play Store rewards, then, because Google Play is offering some users 99-cent rentals of certain titles, including recent popular flicks like A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Crazy Rich Asians.

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Both Monument Valley titles are down to $1 on the Play Store

Ustwo's beautiful Monument Valley titles are very clever, satisfying puzzlers, but at $4 and $5 for the original and its sequel, respectively, they're a little pricier than some mobile gamers are comfortable with. If you've been hesitant to try them out, maybe this will entice you: both are currently just 99 cents on the Play Store.

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[Deal Alert] Google Play Music Offers 12 Albums For Free Or 99 Cents

Quite a few of you are probably travelling back home this weekend, and if you'd like some free or low-cost tunes to get you there, check out the Google Play Store. Play Music has four albums available for free, and another eight for just a dollar each, all from popular musicians and most of which have been released just this year. As usual, your mileage may vary with this deal - these album prices are valid in the United States, but may not be available elsewhere.

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[Deal Alert] Tapatalk Now On Sale For Just $0.99 In The Play Store – That's 66% Off

Tapatalk, the mobile forum app "designed for forum superstars," can now be had for $0.99 in the Play Store, down a full $2.00 from its normal price.

For those unfamiliar, Tapatalk is one of the most popular mobile forum apps in existence, and bills itself as "the only and best fully-functional forum app in the market." The app allows users to quickly access, read, and participate in many of their favorite online forums through a smooth, intuitive interface.

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The app does a fantastic job of streamlining the process of participating in forums by allowing users to access their favorite boards in a centralized location with a unified layout.

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SwiftKey Keyboard, One Of Android's Best Keyboards, Sheds Beta Status, Goes Premium; On Sale For $0.99 Until September 30th, $3.99 After

SwiftKey Keyboard has been in beta ever since its introduction to the Android Market a few months ago. Having tried Swype, I also jumped on SwiftKey to give it a fair shot and ended up sticking with it. Yes, it was that good.

SwiftKey is different from other keyboards because it uses predictive recognition based on both tons of statistical information and your own typing habits. In fact, you can make whole sentences without typing a single key and just picking default suggestions.


Every company needs to make money at some point, and so today, having shed the beta status, SwiftKey is turning into a paid app.

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