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Sorcery! 3 Takes The Familiar Game-Book Formula And Sprinkles It With Time Travel For An Epic Threequel

We've covered both of the previous entries in the Sorcery series, from 80 Days developer Inkle Ltd., when they landed on Android. At the core they're game-books, a genre that mixes old-school dice-based tabletop RPGs and structured "Choose Your Own Adventure" narratives, like those so prominently featured in the library of Tin Man Games. But the Sorcery series takes this idea further with a dynamic story engine, interesting animations, skeuomorphic interface design, and hand-drawn everything.

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Travel The World In '80 Days,' A Choose Your Own Adventure Game From The Makers Of the Sorcery Series

Jules Vernes' novel Around the World in Eighty Days is an old book, and like most old books, it reads like one. You can pick it up and work through its pages if you're committed, but inkle, the creator of the Sorcery series, has made a modern-day adaptation that is much easier on the eyes. In this choose-your-own-adventure adaptation, you try to make the right decisions to successfully circumnavigate the globe as quickly as possible (but preferably in 80 days).

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